Greyhound posting: my day in sleeps.

Photo Credit : www.valdosta.eduGood morning to you all. Her ladyship is working on the War and Peace of all posts for on here. Lucky you!  I won’t be reading it and neither will you, if she doesn’t get it sorted out.

She’s got a pile of books…for reference [it must be serious] and she has been scribbling notes in her black blog book.

I wouldn’t hold your breath…it might not make it on here until the middle of the year – or even, never at all.

I’m quite getting into this greyhound posting thing. I’m even thinking of starting a new feature called My greyhound day in sleeps. What do you think? I could tell you all about my dog beds. We don’t talk about the one the twits left in Scotland. Yes, unbelievable, but true. I still cry myself to sleep missing it! Sob!

Anyhow, greyhound life moves on and not quite as fast as you might imagine. These days I’m built for comfort, lots of sniffing, sleeping, thinking my greyhound thoughts, about my racing days and that border collie around the corner. I don’t like being told what to do and I do things in my own time.

I also have the zombie well-trained on a morning. All I have to do is whine a bit and she appears …dead-like and we go for a lovely walk.

It’s not a bad life being a retired racing greyhound. I’m so glad I found a home and even though they are right nit wits I love them both. Even if her ladyship refuses to let me lick her face to say ‘I love you’, because she knows I’ve been eating rabbit poo again! Coward! It’s yummy.

That’s me for this morning. I need to sleep some more. Thanks so much for dropping by darlings and have a smashing Tuesday.

I’m off to see if the zombie has learnt how to read these books yet.

Until the next greyhound post. x




6 Thoughts

  1. Thank you Mr Hugh. I’ll get the twit to re-post the post about my lost bed. Two of them, and they still left it behind.
    Has Toby tried cow clap and horse poo? They’re yummy too! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No he does seem to go for them, but he does like the fox variety (when he can find it). He often rolls around in it and then come running towards me wanting to give me lots of attention. I run the other way and he thinks it’s a great game to play.


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