Writer’s Quote Wednesday: War of the Worlds.



War of the Worlds by Robert Photo credit: mikemesserli.blogspot.com

War of the Worlds by Robert
Photo credit: mikemesserli.blogspot.com

For today’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday I wanted to include something that covers several mediums.

Broadcast in 1938 to an unsuspecting American audience, history would have us believe that the story from the pen of HG Wells, had its listeners fearing that the New Jersey countryside was under attack from Martians.

In this clip, the late Richard Burton narrates for Jeff Wayne’s musical version of this intriguing and at times, terrifying story.

For me, this is an amazing piece of fiction, brought to life by brilliant storytelling and music. Artwork is represented as well and if you add the two major feature films that were also made on the back of this tale, it’s pretty much captured the imagination of artists as a whole.

For more information on this brilliant weekly challenge, organised by Colleen Chesebro check out her blog here.

I hope you enjoyed this and don’t have nightmares.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday evening.

Until the next time.

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday: War of the Worlds.

  1. Dorne this is a great writer and speaker. Thanks for sharing. I do want to let you know that you are doing the pingback’s correctly, however, they do not show up on my post, while everyone else’s does. :-/ You might have to go to your settings and see if you have pingback’s enabled. If you do, I would let WordPress know that there is a problem. Thanks again my friend. ❤

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  2. I did watch and listen to it all. About a third finished, I turned off the music and just watched. Then I turned off the picture and just listened. No real conclusions except it is amazing what sound/music/voice can do for our imaginations.
    No nightmares anticipated. 🙂

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  3. It is a bit heavy going. It scared the living daylights out of my daughter when she was a teenager. I used to threaten her with it, if she didn’t tidy her room! LOL! I won the award for most loving and sensitive mum. x
    Thanks for listening and watching in bits.


  4. War of the Worlds (Original version) is my all time favourite movie, Dorne. I have the Special Edition CD as well. I just love the album and the film so much.

    I’ve written many a post listening to the CD and Mr Burton’s voice is like biting into a Wisper Bar for me. Silky smooth and something I just can not get enough of. Maybe it’s with him being Welsh that does it for me? No, it’s the talent the man has as an actor and his brilliant voiceover on this CD.


    • I have the latest Tom Cruise version and I love listening to the musical version. It’s really quite scary in places.
      When I was a kid, we were all watching the original version of The War of the Worlds. My gran sat and watched it and at the end of it announced that she didn’t remember anything like that happening in the Second World War! Needless to say dad spent some time trying to explain that it was H G Wells and my wicked sisters and I had a good snigger!
      Sadly, that was gran at the start of her downward slippery slope. Comes to us all…eventually.


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  6. The original production was a radio broadcast staged by Orson Wells and his Mercury Theater Group in the US. Some people who heard the broadcast at that time mistakenly thought it was a real news report. There were suicides. I like the first film that was done better than the Spielberg one even though it did not have the spiffy special effects. It is a great story about how one of the smallest life forms on the earth, bacteria, save us from total destruction by more powerful aliens.


    • Sorry, I’m late in replying to your comment.
      Thanks for the great information on this. I didn’t know that there had been suicides over the broadcast. That’s an awful thing to have on your conscience, isn’t it?
      The first film terrified me. The Speilberg version is my favourite. Because, of the amazing effects, such as the strange cloud formations, at the beginning; and because I quite like Tom Cruise.
      I agree with you, it puts bacteria in a different light.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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