The first record I ever bought… and I wanted to be a hippy.

Aged 11 and a bit, I heard this song on the radio. I wrote down the details of the group and the title and using my pocket-money, I bought it. My very first single.

Up until then, I’d been largely into classical music. Gustav Holst’s The Planets was a favourite. Now I’d discovered popular music and hippies. I so wanted to be one. My mum said ‘ NO!’


I had to wait until my mid teens before I could don the maxi skirts, headbands and massive earrings.

Understandably, at the grand old age of 11 I didn’t really get the lyrics, but I loved the tune…and those guitars. Oh and how I wanted to go back to that garden – wherever it was!

Nowadays? I’m an old hippy. I don’t have an ounce of dress sense and clash colours and fabrics something atrocious. I also smell of joss sticks and usually have a far away look in my eye. Oh and the record in question? It got caught up in a divorce settlement, back in the early eighties and my ex thing got custody. But, I’ve got it again now and so I hope he and my record are very happy together

How about you?

  • What was the first single you bought?
  • Do you still have it?
  • Do you have an ex thing?
  • Do you smell of joss sticks?
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It’s Friday [I’m quick, you know?] and I thought why not?

I’m messing about with my blog again [new theme] and trying to figure out why I do ping backs right, but they don’t arrive at the other end behaving themselves. And there’s me thinking I was ping back queen! WRONG. Back to the drawing board.

Oh, and I’m also playing catch up with comments and those of you who have been kind enough to like my posts, so please bear with me.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by here and have a brilliant Friday.

Until the next time.

6 Thoughts

  1. The first single I ever bought was Dancing Queen by Abba (No Jokes, please 🙂 ) Very apt for a Gay guy, yeah? 🙂 Then the 2nd single I bought was Mississippi by Pussycat. Yes I can even remember the 2nd, but not the third for some reason.


      1. I’ve just dug out the “Abba Gold” CD that I have not played for years. It’s being downloaded on this computer right now. I’ll be all ‘Abbaed’ out come this time next week but who cares 🙂
        Mmmm, wonder if Mamma Mia is on TV again?


      2. Don’t worry…I’m sure Mamma Mia will be on again soon! I remember when the film first came out. I was in Edinburgh and all of the buses were adorned with the posters of it. I thought it wouldn’t be my cup of tea.
        Now, if it’s on telly everything has to stop as I sing along, with it.

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