Winter beauty.


I think we can safely say that winter is here.

This is a layer of ice on top of a gate.The paths and sections of roads, in my little section of the world, are  currently covered in it. The sun is making little impression.

I think it’s so beautiful. Impossible to walk on, but I cheat and fasten grips on to my boots; otherwise I would topple over. I’m going up into the fields this afternoon, with my trusty greyhound and camera to see what mid winter beauty I can capture…well, that’s the plan anyhow. I’ll report back on here, of course!

Snowdrops newBut spring is not far away.

Lesser celadines.Here’s a bit of mid winter beauty.

I’m on with some other things at the moment and so I won’t be able to post again until Wednesday.

Thanks for taking the time to call by here. Have a good and safe, Monday and Tuesday.

Until the next time,

4 Thoughts

  1. I think winter is beautiful with so many colours. Different and often dramatic skies and storms, mist and the bare tree trunks, caught in the diluted sun. Fabulous.
    I am lovely and warm thank you and when I venture out, I have a big coat, like a glorified duvet that keeps me snug. x


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