One word photo challenge: indigo.

Boots ready for action .This is my entry for the One Word Photo Challenge. Click here for more information. A big thanks to Jennifer for running this challenge.

I’ve got my indigo boots at the ready, for the snow and ice. We’ve had sheet ice already this week and snow fell, but sadly didn’t settle. This big kid wants some snow to walk and play in.

Purple bag

Here’s one of my favourite bags. Yes, I love indigo.

Dog collar

And last, but not least…my greyhound’s indigo-ish house collar.

Thanks for dropping by and have a smashing Wednesday afternoon.

Until the next time.


12 thoughts on “One word photo challenge: indigo.

      1. I forget to add that the straps over the top are separate. They’re my grips.
        We had sheet ice here the other morning and I needed grips to stop me from toppling over. I’m top heavy and just get past the point of no return. LOL! x


  1. But, they have linings. So, when I plod through this thick snow we are going to have [doing a snow dance as I type this] my feet will stay lovely and warm. I live in these things in winter. I’ve even worn them to the pub, in snow! Get some and smile every time you wear them. x


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