A sickly greyhound.

It was about 4am when I heard that terrible noise of someone being sick…downstairs. That someone was our blogging greyhound.
So I cleaned her and it up. She settled down again and I returned to my coffin.
At 5.10am I found myself wandering up and down our road with the patient. 6.00am brought another bout of sickness, as did 8.00am.
And then nothing all day. No energy, but no sickness. Until 3.00pm. She was sick again and I rang the vet.
” Can you bring her in for 4.10?” he asked.
At 4.10pm we arrived with our patient , and the object that had been catapulted out of her stomach.
To be continued.
Thanks for stopping by.
Until the next time.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone .Landed in Scotland.

10 Thoughts

    1. Very true and very scary.
      She seems to be getting back to her usual self.
      I will finish my story asap.
      It’s been a bonkers week and our daughter and grandson are here for the night.
      I’m completely knackered! 😊💜

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  1. Well I’m glad to hear that she is all OK now, Dorne. It’s horrible when a pet becomes ill and you have no idea what is wrong. If only they could tell us but, of course, they can’t. You feel so helpless and sorry for them, and because they are such a huge part of the family you start thinking all kinds of crazy things until the vet reassures you. Been through this a few times with Toby. His problem was drinking water out of very dirty puddles and, of course, he still does it!

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  2. Yes, last time our little doggy did this she was very close to popping her greyhound clogs. A real nasty scare. And yes, she still does it.They never learn, do they?
    But we love her to bits. 😀

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  3. I dread the day when Toby gives us a scare like that, although he almost did in the Autumn when we thought he had cancer. We came out of the vets very different people than when we went in, thank goodness, and it’s heartbreaking seeing people in tears coming out of of there with/without their pet.

    Yes, they certainly are a huge part of the family and our lives.


    1. We had to have our much loved cat put to sleep some years ago – her kidneys were failing her. I watched her drag herself up the road one morning and thought: it’s time to let her go peacefully.
      It was peaceful for her, but so painful for us. It broke my heart – I loved her to bits.
      But, we were rewarded for our kindness in letting her pass over…because she came back to see us. No, I haven’t been drinking…it’s Monday lunchtime!
      In fact, you’ve inspired me to write about our spooky experiences. In fact I’ve had so many: where do I start?
      Thinking Toby had cancer must have been a worry. I’m glad he’s okay and may he pester you for walks in inclement weather and at silly o’clock, for as long as possible…hey?
      I’ll be back with Spookyville! x

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