A sickly greyhound: the road to recovery.

Misty blog

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how she had digested it but, there it was…blackened and almost rubbery in texture. A conker case and about an inch in diameter. So, not exactly small.

Probably munched on and swallowed back in the fall, it had resided in her belly, mildly irritating it. That is until her belly had decided it was time to get rid.

I’m dumbfounded, but not surprised. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. A couple of years ago, on Halloween, she suddenly started evacuating at both ends. We met our vet at the surgery at 11.00 at night and she was put on a drip and kept in overnight and most of the following day. If we’d delayed her treatment by a couple of hours, it would have been curtains for her. On that occasion, she’d had a go at a manky, dead rabbit, before I’d had a chance to get to her and stop her. Our little poppit does love to scavenge and finds the most repulsive things completely irresistible. Don’t all dogs?

So, madam has been on a mass of tablets and is now getting back to her normal greyhound self. It’s cost us the vet bill, a new rug in the lounge and a trip to the tip to get rid of the old rug.

Just as soon as she’s fully recovered she’ll be getting a paper round, to pay for her expensive keep! LOL.  Oh no wait! There’s bound to be some yummy dead thing just waiting to be scoffed…I’d best go with her.

As for me…this week I’m hoping to be able to post and take part in the world of blogging a bit more. I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms!

Thanks for dropping by here and have yourself a great Monday.

Until the next time.

2 Thoughts

  1. Sorry, I should have given more information and maybe a pic.
    Yes, she seems to be on the mend. Why she would want to eat something like that heaven only knows, but she did! There again, she’ll be twelve in March and she’s probably losing the plot…like the rest of us? LOL.x


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