Sunday Blog Share: Warning: Getting mobile again is dangerous!

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As part of the Sunday Blog Share  I’ve decided to re-visit one of my earlier posts. I changed my mobile phone and this was the result.

I’m pleased to report that I’m very happy with my sexy red phone now. [ It’ll probably blow up tomorrow!]

huge thanks to Suzie for organising this great blog share. Check her out on Twitter @suzie81blog or @SundayBlogShare.

Thanks for stopping by here and have a great Sunday.

Until the next time.



shutterstock_139898422They look, cool, sexy and they promise you the earth …  no, not that guy chatting you up in the bar the other night. I’m referring to mobile phones. [The clue’s in the title.]

Today, we all have mobile phones and when mine went on the blink about two weeks ago, I knew it was time to upgrade, as they say in the trade.[ You see I know all the lingo … don’t know what any of it means, but I can repeat it parrot – fashion, along with the masses.]

I spent about three solid days prowling the internet for the best deal [Yorkshire lass tendencies coming to the fore there]. I know … everyone else surfs the net; but I prowl – OKAY?  Anyway, I eventually went back to the first phone deal, I had seen and dismissed, three days prior and opted to ring the order through. BAD IDEA!

A lovely young man talked me through the details and then talked at me, as I gradually became more and more confused. I really needed to sleep … badly. He then put me through to another lovely young man, who talked for about a month. I agreed to everything he suggested, just to get away from him.

So, I had a new mobile phone and a load of other things that I didn’t really want, or need, being mailed to me.

I had also opted to keep my same number. I could finally remember it and I couldn’t be arsed to contact everyone I’ve ever given my number to, and give them a new number, that I couldn’t remember. Anyway, it would be easier wouldn’t it? WRONG!

After doing three days of no – mobile – phone – cold – turkey, I finally got a SIM that worked, in the new red, sexy phone that I now proudly possessed. Like someone possessed, I rang my network provider, to finally get some action out of the dormant thing. [ Both the phone and the network provider.] I got through on the second ring and it went something along the lines of this:

Welcome to ……….. [ I’m not advertising here, just yet.] Please select from the following options:


  1. If you are sure you would like your phone to work.
  2. If you know where your phone is right now.
  3. If you have been tempted by a deal that is too unbelievable to miss.
  4. If you have a boil on your bottom.
  5. If you are not really sure what you want, but know that you want something.
  6. If you are just killing time.
  7. If your first language isn’t English.
  8. If you can’t remember what you are doing here.
  9. If you have lost the will to live.
  10. If you have rather stupidly selected to keep your original number, thinking it would be easier and quicker. Loser!

Rapidly, hitting number 10 on the keypad I was then told:

Okay, thank you for whatever you just did – it was very nice! I won’t keep you a moment. I’m just going to prat about on a pretend keyboard, supposedly inputting your information, into an imaginary computer system. Can you hear me tapping away on my keyboard?… because you’re a brainless moron aren’t you? And you need to be fed this sort of rubbish, to feel that you are getting good customer service.

Okay, I can now confirm that you have just signed your life away, for a red, sexy [ in your eyes] phone, that was on special offer, for the price of a five – bedroom  mansion in Surrey… is that right?


I’m pleased to be able to report that I have just about recovered now … although that could still change, when I receive my first bill and discover that I also purchased a luxury yacht and open – top sports car at the same time.

All I have to do now is ring them and that non – existent woman will send me the keys!


Until the next time.






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