Greyhound posting.

I thought whilst the zombie was elsewhere I’d pop on here and say 🙋’hi’.
Thanks for all of your kind comments, when I was poorly. That section of horse 🐴 chestnut case wasn’t as tasty as I’d thought.
Still it got the zombie out of bed…several times and I now have a new tartan rug to sprawl out on.
I’ve also been treated to another new coat (I’m modelling it in the photo). This new super duper coat has a section that keeps my tummy nice and warm. It isn’t rocket 🚀 science putting it on, but somehow I ended up with the strap in the wrong place…the first time on…until the zombie located what is left of her festering brain and figured it out. I looked like I was wearing a cape…ridiculous!
Anyhow, this week the zombie won’t be posting as much. It needs to be elsewhere, doing other things…don’t we all?
Talking of which my freshly washed, fluffy dog 🐶 bed beckons. I feel so sleepy 😫.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Monday, my darling humans.
Until the next time.

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  1. Thanks and yes, she stuffed me full of various pills; well her and Uncle Matt – my vet. I’m not doing bad for a soon to be 12 year old greyhound. Next month is my birthday, so I’m trying to decide what I want for my present. A lovely long snooze I think…and some rabbit dirt…yummy!


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