One Word Photo Challenge: Strawberry.

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This is part of the One Word Photo Challenge, as organised by Jennifer. Click here for more details.

The colour this week is strawberry and so I’ve gone for poppies… figures! So, maybe a bit redder than strawberry, but a good excuse to look at beautiful poppies.

Strawberry blog

These photos were taken a few years ago, in one of my favourite fields, near to where I live. My trusty greyhound and I spent hours just walking in the field and I took picture after picture. It was so beautiful.

It’s a field of corn now, but every year the odd rogue poppy, flowers. I’m waiting for a complete rebellion again, when the poppies will take over and create one of nature’s amazing displays.

Because, Mr Farmer, you may think you have wiped out all of the naughty poppies. But they lie in wait and when you’re not expecting it, they will return in their thousands and nature will have its glorious day again.

Thanks for visiting and have a great Thursday.

Until the next time.


  1. These are so beautiful. The sun in the first one shines down so brilliantly. Great shots. They remind me of when I studied abroad in Italy- poppies seemed to be everywhere in Tuscany. Thank you so much for sharing. (P.S. I’m hoping, for your sake, for the pending poppy rebellion)

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