Change is good, I think : I’m so indecisive.

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So, I’ve been messing about with my blog, yet again. I must have test driven about seven themes on and off, over the last few days. It’s been a nightmare and I’ve skulked back to some earlier themes, for the sanctuary and that familiar feeling.

But, I feel like a failure if I give in and resort to the tried and tested. So, I’ve bravely and rather ridiculously pushed on, with my half-finished blog. With my widgets that were neither here nor there and the damn and blasted Twitter feed, or whatever the thing is called, which was broken again.  MY TWITTER it said, and then resolutely refused to show you my Twitter. Not that you’re missing anything particularly mind-blowing. I just wanted it to work… again!

Tea time today found a completely different theme at work. But, it had funny heart-shaped things at the edge of the posts and it insisted on putting the sidebars under the main page? Whatever! It had to go. It was too minimal and so not me. I do messy and clutter.

My Twitter works on here now and thank god for that  – hey?  I just need to get my gallery sorted and my published work behaving again and I might just have cracked it. That can wait until tomorrow… I need wine!

Why, put myself to all of this trouble?

Well, these days I can’t move the furniture around in my house as readily as I used to. Pre the bad back and headache days, I would routinely move the sofa around the lounge. The bed would be sited in north to south and west to east positions, on a monthly basis. And a lot of the furniture re-arranging would be done on a night-time, as I was a night owl.[ And my thyroid gland worked properly in those distant days.] I bet my neighbours absolutely adored me!

What’s a girl to do when the urge for a change looms large? The snowdrops are out and the birds are starting to flutter their feathers at each other. It’s still winter, but a bit of spring cleaning on here won’t go amiss and whilst I’m about it, let’s really mix things up.  Then I can go bog-eyed putting it all back together again.

Yes, I’ve been the Humpty Dumpty of the blogging world.[ And If I don’t lose some more weight soon, I’ll be the real Humpty Dumpty!]

A new look it is then and in a few weeks, days, hours it could be another new look… for the blog and moi.

Change is good… even it drives you demented at the time.

How about you?

Does this time of the year make you want to change things around a bit?

How often do you change your blog’s theme?


I do eventually respond to comments when I :

  • Find them
  • Realise, with horror, that I’ve missed them
  • Finally, get my act together

Thanks for taking the time to stop by here.  Have yourself a great Tuesday evening.

Until the next upheaval.



12 thoughts on “Change is good, I think : I’m so indecisive.

  1. I think the changes are good. I like this look. The more we write and evolve, the more are blog should change. I recently changed for a better free font. Then, I was able to add my butterfly background, which is about my swamp fairies. Personalizing is good. I am behind you! I was the same way about rearranging my furniture. Not any more for me either. ❤

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  2. Yes, I’ve also reverted back to the old theme on my blog and then got cross with myself and gone for something different. I need change to function properly. Sometimes it’s a real pain. x


  3. I made a big change to my blog theme last October because the one I was using did not display the widgets.

    Then I did my blog diet last month and changed a few things like colours and fonts to give it a fresh look for the season, and I’ve had some good feedback. I think changing the way your blog looks from time to time is an excellent idea as it gives it new life. Yes, it can be a lot of work and get you frustrated because things don’t look right or work, but once you get it looking the way you want, you can sit back for a few months before starting all over again 🙂

    Great to see the Snowdrops out, isn’t it, Dorne? Spring is in the air…well sometimes.

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    • I’ve carried the idea of change a bit too far just recently. LOL!
      I really couldn’t settle with any of the themes and then I just found one that felt right. Well, it does for now!
      Your blog looks great and well thought out. Mine looks like I’ve got a hole in the head sometimes… but, there again that’s true!

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  4. Lol, I think you have to go with what ever you think is best. When I changed my theme I got my partner to help choose the new theme with me. However, I made up the shortlist first with the themes I liked and then I let him help me pick the winner. That way I knew I was going to get a theme I liked.


    • That’s very organised Hugh. I just for a click on this see what happens. Play with it for five minutes and then decide it doesn’t work.
      I’m like a child in a sweet shop, or me in a wool shop… too many choices.
      Then I revert back to the original theme and guess what? My reasonably organised blog is in complete disarray. So, I go for another theme, and so on.
      I can spend hours like this!
      Try it, it’ll drive you nuts… guaranteed.

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