The 17th Century Kindle

I spotted this and thought it was so beautiful. Even in these days of e readers there is still a place for books – lovely, old books at that.
I’m behind with my replies , comments and all things blogging. I’ve also messed up my widgets – again! LOL.
Back later .. enjoy this.

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Book Open

It took a photo and a snippet of an article yesterday to reinforce to me the precious nature of the written word. In recent times the written word is fighting for our attention in so many forms; there are not many moments a day when we are free from the tidal wave of information, articles, stories, newsfeeds. Consider this then, the world’s first Kindle.

That is how the Jacobean travel-library has been described by the librarian at the University of Leeds. Created in 1617 the library of 50 miniature books are encased in a wooden box which itself resembles one large book. Once the box is opened three shelves are revealed, carrying books ranging from history, poetry and philosophy/theology.

With each word typeset by hand, each page hand-printed and hung to dry individually, the precious nature of every single word is highlighted. Today it is cheap and easy to type…

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