Time marches on.

I’ve just heard that Steve Strange has died. What a sad loss and only 55 years old.

His music evokes memories of dancing the night away, in nightclubs; with friends and my sisters.

Now we are older and he is gone. RIP Steve Strange. A timely reminder that time marches on!

Thanks for visiting and have a great Friday night.

Until the next time.


4 thoughts on “Time marches on.

  1. Yes, it shocked me when I heard, Dorne – especially as he was younger than me. I don’t know why that should be so shocking, but it was. Awful. Mind you, I felt the same the day I heard John Lennon had been shot dead. These guys stand for their generation, I guess – and we lose part of our own cultural memory and richness when they pass out of our lives. xxx


    • He was the same age as me… well I turn 55 next week. It rather rams home your mortality, doesn’t it?
      We grow up with these people and they form such a big part of our younger, influential years and we almost forget that they’re human. When they leave us it’s such a shock. A loss of talent and too early to pass.


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