WANTED! – Authors, Bloggers and Writers With Heart ❤

Love this blog, love this idea and I’ve contacted them. A great way to build your blog and get yourself out there!
How about you? 🙂

Kindness Blog

bloggers wanted - kindnessWould you like to join Team Kindness Blog?

Currently, we are a small team dedicated to sharing media based on kindness, love, tolerance, self-development and peace. If you are a writer/blogger and enjoy positive media you might want to join our ever-so-friendly-team.

Further Details –

We are seeking authors who can and will blog from deep within their heart and from their own experiences. Writers who can lay themselves bare, where appropriate, and be absolutely real. We’re looking for the kind of bloggers whose articles force readers to stop in their tracks and think a while. The kind of writers that speak truth and uplift the spirit or cause people to reflect upon their lives and actions. The type of authors whose words stay with the reader after they have looked away from their screen.

Preferred Topics and Subjects ~

Kindness, compassion, mindfulness, forgiveness, family, love, parenting, wisdom, grief, humanity…

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