Greyhound posting: spring cleaning the sky.

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Her ladyship is busy elsewhere and so I thought I would give you my take on what I like to call nuttyville – the house where I reside, with the two nutters who adopted me over six years ago.

First up ; she who likes to call herself a writer, would love to be doing this, on here.

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I don’t think that would work somehow. Even I know that you have to use a computer…doh!

Unfortunately, our scribe has to go here.

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A space , somewhere up there, called a loft , has to be cleared. The various things that are appearing are then stuffed in the car and taken to a place called a tip. What a mess that looks, and by all accounts the said loft is a mess as well.

The zombie appears red-faced and wheezing, at regular intervals, as she drags odd items down from a hole, in what I used to think was the sky. These items were once deemed so important that the two twits, huffed and puffed as they forced a square peg through a round hole, to ensure that they sat in the sky above us. Now they huff and puff, as they force it back through the same hole. Why? Where is the intelligence in that?

The twits carefully kept a redundant plastic bin, that was essential to their wellbeing for so many years. It just sat there, above us… doing absolutely nothing. There’s boxes of hideous ornaments that really are too hideous to even go to the tip! Bowls, bits of wood, so many paintbrushes that they could paint the entire village. Bits of boxes. Way too many Christmas decorations and a lot of memory boxes. How many memories does one need?

“It’s very therapeutic” says the zombie. She looks like she is ready for dropping any second. Well let’s face it, when does she ever look normal, or healthy?

I’m still getting my walks though, so that’s okay. And I like the six o’clock morning walks the best. It’s great to see the zombie in action… or not, as the case very often is.

So, now you know what is happening in nuttyville.

How about you? Anything to report?

The hole is being opened up again and the zombie is off to sort out a piece of string that it has being carefully saving for about twenty years. Will it be dispatched to the tip?

Watch this space!

Thanks for visiting my darlings and have a wonderful day… sleeping. Well, that’s what I’m planning on doing.

Until the next time.


4 Thoughts

  1. I love painting… especially walls. I’ll do you a swap!
    I can’t breathe in the loft. The wire wool gets on my chest. I have to wear a mask, or a pair of knickers over my face!
    Actually, today I was meant to be in the loft, but my head kicked off and so I’ve been dying in my darkened bedroom… again.
    I’m feeling a bit better now and I’m going to take the blogging greyhound for a walk, in the lovely, dark, cool, night air.
    Good luck with the decorating and please post pictures for us to have a nosey at.
    I keep meaning to post pictures of our bedroom; but it’s too eclectic. LOL! In other words, weird! I think folk think I’m strange enough, without the pictures to prove it 🙂 x


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