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A quick thought for Friday. Are you weird?

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A quick thought for all of those weirdos out there.

I’m perceived as being a bit weird, always have been and I’m proud of it. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit tricky breaking the ice with folk that want to believe you’re too weird to even talk with; but it can be done.

” I used to think you were so weird,” they’ll admit, later on when they know me… and know that there are no boundaries to my weirdness!

So, today on my 55th birthday, I’m celebrating my weirdness.

How about you? Are you weird? Do you stand out from the crowd?

There’s nothing wrong with us.

Feel free to be weird on here… but not so weird that I have to censor you, please!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday.

Until the next time.




Many moons ago, I started to write. But, as life twisted and turned the only thing I got to write was letters, in my job. Things changed, I left my job and returned to the writing. I have loads of ideas and very little time to do them in.( Sound familiar?) I write, because I need to. When I am unable to write I walk in the shadow of madness. Some folk would argue that I'm there already. As well as writing, I read, paint, garden, knit and have just started making candles. I am owned by a retired greyhound called Daisy. My previous greyhound(Misty) was the inspiration to get writing again. Daisy is keeping that inspiration alive. Thanks for reading. Dorne x

14 thoughts on “A quick thought for Friday. Are you weird?

  1. Firstly, Happy 55th Birthday you Weirdo. You have given me hope for the future. “Weird” has no age. Being weird has certainly openned new doors for me… Enjoy your Friday! #StayWeird Check out my wordpress…. โœŒ


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