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Photo challenge: rule of thirds. A candle.

Candle two

I’ve sat on the fence for  a while now; thinking about taking part in one of the Daily Post challenges. I’ve thought about it and decided against it, or left it too late, or whatever.

Today is the day I put my thoughts into action.

Click on for information on how to take part.

In my shot I have tried to bring out the detail of the tiny candle, its  holder and the flame, as much as possible, by blurring the background. I choose a colourless shot, as I think the bright, yellow flame would have dominated the picture.

What do you think? Do you agree?

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your Saturday night.

Until the next time.


Many moons ago, I started to write. But, as life twisted and turned the only thing I got to write was letters, in my job. Things changed, I left my job and returned to the writing. I have loads of ideas and very little time to do them in.( Sound familiar?) I write, because I need to. When I am unable to write I walk in the shadow of madness. Some folk would argue that I'm there already. As well as writing, I read, paint, garden, knit and have just started making candles. I am owned by a retired greyhound called Daisy. My previous greyhound(Misty) was the inspiration to get writing again. Daisy is keeping that inspiration alive. Thanks for reading. Dorne x

4 thoughts on “Photo challenge: rule of thirds. A candle.

  1. I have particpated here and there. Some of these are hard! I have been giving this one some thought and plan on trying it today. I think it was a good decision to not keep the color. I like it. It looks very mysterious. 🙂

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