My acceptance speech: for my Mildred!

Imagine my surprise when I received word that I had been spotted dancing to the Birdie Song at The Mildreds , just recently. This is the equivalent of The Oscars and is the creation of Hugh, over at Hugh’s Views and News. Click here for the full story of this star-spangled evening.

I’m not sure whether I received an award or not, but I’m giving you my acceptance speech anyway and tripping my way to the stage to deliver it. Get it?

We’re going to need a big box of soft tissues, in a pretty, sparkly box please; because I am so overcome with emotion.

On this special evening, Hugh and his Mildred have seen fit to give compliments and praise to us fellow bloggers and for that I’m [sob! ] truly grateful. I don’t [sobbing, some more] deserve it.

No, really I don’t . I mean I turn up here, every so often and type a load of old mush. Waffle on about something obscure and then clear off for a few days. It takes me forever to respond to comments, if I even find them and then my remarks are pretty lame.

[Really sobbing now… the stage is awash with my sobs] I feel so honoured to be here and it’s a miracle, because just a half hour ago I was still in my jim jams; cuddling my new teddy.

Anyhow, [makeup  ruined and now looking like the bride of Frankenstein’s monster] I would like to thank my creator.[ Cue some overplay on a religious discourse?]

No, I really want to thank that guy that brought me to life, one dark and stormy evening. There was a flash of fork lightning and the electricity tore through my body. I came alive. What a shame that electricity is so expensive these days and I am wearing down now. I really should change my provider. But hey… you can’t have it all. I’ll be a bright spark for as long as I can… get it?

I want to thank my family, friends and dog for just being there. I want to thank the planet and the universe. [Cue very loud music to signal my exit and a ten hunky guys to carry me off stage… oh so yes please! ]

Thanks to Hugh for this wonderful surprise. Check out his blog… you’ll be glad/relieved you did.

And a big thank you to you, for dropping by here. Have a great day.

Until the next time.

Cheers everyone!

8 thoughts

  1. Well, you smashed it with that speech…the speech that is and not the Mildred! Thank goodness they are made from the same material as limpet teeth. Can you ensure all those hunky guys get home safely…and soon! I’ve had three of their mothers, one wife, two girlfriends and three of their boyfriends on the phone, asking can they have them back now please? You can keep the other one, but don’t go hiding him in the loft! 🙂

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