Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Scarborough Fayre.


This week I’ve chosen Scarborough Fayre as my offering for the Writer’s Quote Wednesday, as kindly organised by Colleen.

Firstly, here’s Simon & Garfunkel singing this lovely song, with the lyrics, so if you want to song along you can.

As I live in a village on the outskirts of a town called Scarborough, this song has a special significance for me.

But, there are lots of Scarboroughs in the world.

In my particular Scarborough, the fayre began in 1253; as a result of  a charter granted by King Henry lll. Lasting for a period of 45 days, from 15 August to 29 September, it soon became internationally famous and generated much trade for the seaside town.


Photo Credit: javiercoria.blogspot.com
Photo Credit: javiercoria.blogspot.com

Merchants travelled from all parts of England, Europe, the Baltic and the Ottoman Empire; to barter for various goods.

But, several villages on the outskirts of Scarborough also held markets. Amongst them were Sherburn, Brompton and Seamer. This caused bad feeling in Scarborough town, as they thought that valuable trade was being taken from them. There were attempts to have these markets abolished. The markets ceased to a degree, but Seamer market was revived again in the 18th century. The Scarborough Fayre ended in 1788.

Photo credit: www.popscreen.com
Photo credit: http://www.popscreen.com

Today Seamer has a Horse Fair, which takes place every July. Scarborough has a fair, in September. This is of the travelling fair kind, with fast and dizzying rides, stalls and hot dog trucks. Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt; been back with the kids and will no doubt be back again shortly with the grandkids!

Hope you enjoyed, Simon and Garfunkel,  my little piece of history and thanks for stopping by here. Have a great day.

Until the next time.




11 Replies to “Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Scarborough Fayre.”

    1. I hail from Leeds and moved here over twenty years ago now. I met my second husband and settled here. So, it’s my adopted home. I love Whitby as well. Particularly the Dracula association! LOL 🙂


  1. Great bit of history from you there, Dorne.

    I love the song, apart from the version that appeared on a BBC supernatural drama just before Christmas last year. I think it was called “Remember” and it starred Michael Palin. It almost scarred the life out of me.

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