Are you as confused as I am?

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I’m way behind with my writing, comments and everything in general.

What has Johnny Depp got to do with it? Nothing… he’s just some eye candy, looking confused. I wish I was as pretty as Jack Sparrow.

Anyway, I’ve had a rather marvellous week of a migraine that will not release me from its grip. I can’t even start to tell you how magnificent this has been. Appointments have been cancelled and I’ve muddled through. Somehow, I managed to be a grandma: but it took me two days to recover! I kid you not.

I tell you this, not for sympathy votes, but because today I am not in the mood for pretending. I’m telling it how it is… PANTS! And I may just do more of that: be warned. Folk need to know that just because it’s invisible doesn’t mean it isn’t there and it is so not just a headache! I’m sorry, I’m shouting; I do that when I get like this. Because, my patience levels are at an all time low and I’m fed up of trying to explain myself.

I won’t be doing that anymore. I’m really Mrs Angry Woman now.

I never give in to this monster. It has been part of my life for so long now, that I have learnt coping strategies. We do, don’t we?  We all have things we have to deal with.

  • Do you feel you have to justify your reasons for not being able to take part in life?
  • Have you lost so-called friends as a result of your condition?
  • Do you sometimes feel isolated because of it?
  • Does it get you down, periodically?

I know that there’s lots of folks out there, battling against their personal demons; because I’ve read your blogs and have been inspired by your words.

My words, will probably make you want to die. LOL!

I must confess that at the moment my thinking is even more cloudy. My concentration is dismal and I am struggling to remember who I am, let alone what I’m doing.

So, if I seem absent from here, or you comment and I don’t respond. Thank you and please don’t be offended. I will, at some point snap out of my twilight zone and become slightly less zombified. You will get a response… at some point before this Christmas. I don’t like being rude and unreliable. I really don’t ; but unfortunately it goes hand in hand with being a migraineur, when the monster takes over.. BIG TIME! .

Thanks for dropping by here and have a great whatever day it is.

I’m off to try to give my poor hubby a sort of half decent birthday. We will have a laugh; even it hurts my poor, stupid head!

Until the next time.

12 thoughts

  1. I caught your blog redesign bug. 💖 I have been meaning to tell you that I used to get terrible head aches. After my thyroid was removed they went away. The thyroid grew so big it was wrapped around nerves that caused the headaches. We found the problem with an ultrasound. 💖

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  2. Oh yes, that’s another good one. I could happily change my theme weekly. I love to change things around.
    I had a goitre, following on from my hysterectomy. I’m convinced that my immediate plunge into the menopause at age 37, sent my body into shock. It hasn’t been the same since. I aged 13 years overnight… quite literally!
    It’s funny how you had headaches as well. Well not so much funny as strange!
    Mine have got worse. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a headache… it’s years. No wonder I’m slightly mad, hey? LOL! 🙂


  3. I have a friend who has migraines and have seen how bad they can be. Her whole personality changes…….and not for the better.
    And yes to the answer of getting periodically down. 😦 I can’t stand bubbly people. lol

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  4. My heart goes out to you. I have gone through periods of migraine suffering and I have experienced how debilitating it can be. I’m fortunate that they went away- I’m thinking it was hormonal- but I replaced them with other fun things. You do what you need to do to feel better and the people who care will still be here. 🙂

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    • I think mine are hormonal. I’m been going through the menopause for 18 years now… it’s still going strong and I’m ever so slightly fed up and tired now. And this is with HRT?
      I’m glad your migraines went away. I live in hope that mine will, one day.
      You’re right in that we deal with them in our own way. x:)

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    • It’s just a normal week for me at the moment Hugh, but I won’t let it beat me.
      Mr Whale says thanks very much.
      Well, no that’s not strictly true. First of all he said “Who?”
      I said” No, Hugh.”
      He said ” Hugh who?”
      I said ” Forget it! ”
      Then we went out, ate loads of food and got very drunk.
      A very happy birthday, I think.

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