Greyhound posting: because IT isn’t!

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Hello darling humans, it’s me again. I thought I’d better post on here… because the zombie isn’t.

Take a look at this.

dog teddies with cThese are some of my best friends/toys being tortured on the monster of a rotary airer. This monster airer is so big it fills the teeny, tiny courtyard and can actually be spotted from space!

Instead of getting on here and entertaining/boring you, the zombie is taking out her current inadequacies  on my teddies. What have they done to deserve this? And now they’ll smell all fresh and yucky and human smelling… revolting. I’d got them just as I wanted, with sticky bottoms and well-loved faces… them, not me. Although, I don’t know?

I’ve been sleeping late, just recently and so have not disturbed the zombie too much. The mornings are getting quite spring like and it’s not as much fun dragging it from its coffin. I like it when it’s dark and cold and the zombie has to get kitted out for the cold weather. Why, I don’t know? It can’t feel the cold… it’s dead. Well, it looks like it anyway.

It fell over again the other night. The zombie’s daughter, who was walking with us at the time, said it fell very gracefully. I thought it was going to land on me. My life, in greyhound races, rabbit poo and paddles in the river, flashed before me. It landed on its knee and it hobbled for a bit : it also took a chunk out of one of its fingers. But it didn’t break anything; and it didn’t flash its knickers this time. Just as well, we were outside the fish restaurant, in the village. That would have put a few humans off their fish and chip supper! And caused a few car crashes! Ha, ha!

Anyway, the zombie is currently on the hunt for things that are beaver brown, for the photo challenge. So, no doubt you will be treated to its interpretation of that colour, in due course. Please bear in mind that its right eye is still very blobby, so its idea of a colour may not be the same as yours. In fact, its idea of a blog, that is something like,  may not be  the same as yours!

Did you enjoy the reblog of Mr Hugh’s post, earlier on today? He always writes a good post. If you haven’t read it, give it a read… you’ll like it. It’s much better than the mush the zombie produces on here. LOL!

Oh, and he has a rather handsome dog called Toby, who I happen to have the doggy hots for!  Watch out for my new column… Fifty Shades of Dog Food. You won’t believe what I get up to, in the kitchen!

Anyhow, that’s me done. I need to chill out… I’ve been awake for half an hour… I’m bushed.

Thanks for calling by here my darlings and have a great evening.

Until the next time, with the zombie.

2 Thoughts

  1. Misty, you need to have your own YouView channel and comedy show. You are so funny. I think you would have made the perfect host on Crufts last week, instead of the bald women! Did you see any of the show? We only watched the last night, but it reminded me of a doggy disco nightclub I used to go to many years ago.

    I’m so sorry about what the Zombie has done to your possessions. Maybe you should replace them with some the Zombies soft toys, shoes, handbags or clothes? Nothing like chewing on a smelly trainer I often find from time got time. Reminds me a bit of the smelly cheese the humans here, eat.

    I hope the toys are OK and I cant wait for 50 Shades of Dog food.



  2. Well hello Toby.
    I would love my own blog/show. And yes I have already chomped on the zombie’s Fitflops… twice! At fifty pounds a pair it was not very impressed! Ha, ha. It shouldn’t leave them lying around.
    Good to hear from you Toby.
    Wag of tail and woof , woof back.

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