A thank you to my daughter.


Tomorrow  in the UK, it is Mothering Sunday.

Photo credit: amolife.com
Photo credit: amolife.com

It’s a day early, but I wanted to just take a moment to reflect  on what it means to be a mum. In my particular case to a daughter.

It’s really hard work. No, really hard work and they don’t come with a manual.

You don’t sleep properly… ever again.  When they’re little you’re listening out for them and when they’re older, you’re waiting for them to arrive home… in the early hours of the morning.

As they get older still, you lie awake at night thinking about how you can help them to rise to the latest challenges they face. Then you realise, again, that it’s their life and you can’t live it for them.

They fall in love, out of love.

They eventually settle down  with THE ONE and then they’re pregnant.

You watch their belly swell. You look at the ultrasound images. Wow… we never had that. The new mum to be has a special gizmo that lets you hear the baby kicking and moving around. Wow… we didn’t have those neither. They’re carrying a boy and he has a name before he is even born.

Then they give birth and you’re a grandma.

You don’t feel any older or different. Should  you?  Then you catch sight of that tiny bundle of new life and get to hold your first grandchild for the very first time and your heart swells with love and pride. Your baby has a baby…  you’re addicted.

Your child has come full circle and given you this new child to love.

Photo credit: jaimelackeyphotography.com
Photo credit: jaimelackeyphotography.com

I consider myself lucky in that I grew up with my daughter, Janine. I was a young mum and I had loads of energy to devote to her. We had so much fun.

Today, I see an independent, confident and intelligent woman, in Janine. As far as I am concerned she did an excellent job of raising herself!

I have watched my daughter face some terrible situations, but she has found a way through and I’m so very proud of her.

Now, I get to see her raise her gorgeous son, Daniel and I love to watch them play together. And, I get to play all over again.

Today, I want to say a big thanks to her for being a fabulous, loving and thoughtful daughter; and for making me a grandma: something I have wanted to be, for some time.  She has made it all very worthwhile.

It’s still hard work though!

How about you?

  • What does being a mum mean to you?
  • Or, what does your mum mean to you?

Whatever you have planned for tomorrow, or on May 10, elsewhere in the world, have a great day.

Thanks for taking the time to visit here.

I’ll be back! 🙂



11 Thoughts

    1. I think it’s important to let our kids know that we love them. My mum never did with me… so I’m righting a wrong.
      I planned to have more than one; but I couldn’t have anymore.
      I’m thrilled to bits with the one I got though. x


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