One Word Photo Challenge: beaver.

This is my entry for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.  Many thanks to Jennifer, as usual.

This week the colour is beaver, a lovely shade of brown.

Beaver with c

These sculptures of two herons and a barn owl have, just this week,  been created from the trunk of an old cherry tree. This sits on the banks of our local river, The Derwent. The trunks are probably a little redder than a true beaver shade; but, I wanted to show them to you.  So, they’re slightly beaver in colour!

Beaver heron

The detail on them is amazing.

Owl beaver

They were carved using  a chain saw!

I walk past them everyday, with the blogging greyhound; so there will no doubt be other pictures of them; in better light.

Have a great Saturday and thanks for taking the time to visit on here.

I’ll be back. 🙂



7 thoughts

  1. I didn’t know it was colour neither.
    I just had to get images of the sculptures and put them on here. They are fabulous. The sculptor used a fine blade on the chain saw. Hubby and I were chatting to one of our neighbours ,who watched him work on them. Everyone is stopping to take a look at our new sculpture.
    At the bottom of the tree are steps cut into the wood, leading to a door for the fairy folk. One little girl put some snowdrops at the door for the fairies today. It’s capturing the imagination of everyone who sees it.
    Have a great weekend. x 🙂

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