There and back: the solar eclipse in Scarborough.


Sun eclipse cJust a few shots of the solar eclipse today.  What a treat to be able to witness this… which was about a 90 per cent coverage, in my neck of the woods, Scarborough.

Eclipse 2 with cSo, we weren’t plunged into complete darkness, but it did turn into a twilight zone. [No change there then!]

And the birds still flew with cSome brave birds still flew.

Out the other side with cAnd we came safely out the other side.

Fairly thick cloud cover blotted out the early stages of this amazing event; but the later views we were treated to, more than made up for it.

I hope, if you are UK based that you got to witness the eclipse and for my friends, spread around the world I hope you enjoyed my pics.

Thanks for stopping by here and have a great day.

I’ll be back.

Dorne 🙂

14 Thoughts

  1. No such luck here in Brighton and Hove. Thick cloud all morning until about 10:30 when the sun decided to show itself. It did go an eerie dark at 09:30 and the street lights all came on, but that was it. I just hope the sky stays clear for the super moon this evening.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the eclipse from your part of the UK, Dorne. Looks like the sun put on a great show for you. Only ten years to wait until it happens in the UK again.

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    1. Aw, I’m sorry that you didn’t get to see it Hugh. Did you watch the TV coverage? BBC Stargazing Live will replay the highlights again tonight. I love that show. Like Springwatch it really engages people.
      I’ve got my glasses ready for the next one.
      Glad you liked the pics. x:)

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      1. No, I missed it on the TV as well. Can you guess what I was doing? No, not that. No, not that either. I was blogging!

        I’ll watch it this evening and I’m hoping we will get to see the super moon because we have clear skies down here now – hooray!

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  2. That’s a shame. I loved every minute of it.
    We’ve currently got a TV programme running over here… Stargazing Live and Buzz Aldrin [ I hope I have spelt his name correctly] has been guesting on it. What a character he is. What that guy must have seen and experienced.
    Let’s hope it’s your turn soon to see an eclipse. 🙂

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