Spotted this on Colleen Chesbro’s Silver Threading blog, http://silverthreading.com/about/ loved it and so it’s on here now.
Doesn’t it just show the power of blogging and linking up with other bloggers?
This is for all of the bloggers who are going through a rough patch at the moment.
Thanks to Tony and he’s got himself another follower.
Thanks for reading.
Until the next time. : )

Life Solutions

I discovered, or rediscovered something about myself recently. I went through a bit of a lull in writing recently and noticed that I felt less inspired, weaker and less motivated. My soul felt smaller, I was more prone to worry, anxiety and pettiness. I also noticed that the sky wasn’t as blue the stars seemed further away and the little things that usually bring me joy, I didn’t even seem to notice. My entire life, I have been a person who dreams and sees what is unseen. I have both professionally and personally, been oriented to try to bring inspiration and hope to others through writing and speaking and personal counseling or coaching, it is part of my personal spiritual DNA. I noticed when I don’t do these things, I am less of myself and that realization is striking, it means that I have to dream, and be inspired…

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2 Thoughts

  1. Just a thought….I wonder why we make connections with some bloggers and not others. I follow someone now and leave likes and occasional comments, but don’t get anything back. We follow the same people and I notice the person leaving comments and likes with others. It really doesn’t matter, but your post just brought this thought to the surface.

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  2. Yes, I’ve noticed that as well. I guess it’s as you say. We gel with some and not others. You and I are clearly made of a similar nutty substance. LOL!
    The blogosphere is a law unto itself, hey?
    I think this post of Tony’s is so true. It really is food for thought.
    I’ve Colleen to thank for that. My usual nosey through her writing advice brought it to my attention. x 🙂


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