Remind me again… just why do we all blog?

Yesterday, I asked a question on here. Did I really want more followers for my blog? I didn’t really expect to get any response… maybe the odd like. Quite a few of you took the time to stop by and like/ comment and for that I say thanks. I will get around to responding and dropping by your blog.

Tonight, I ask another question… just why do we all blog?

More and more of us seem to be taking time out from blogging… to :

  • Sleep more
  • Clean the house
  • Actually talk to our partners
  • Make friends with our friends
  • Read
  • Write – something other than our blogs

But, we are incapable of doing it. We announce that we are going on vacation and take the damn laptop with us and blog throughout the break.

We tell ourselves that we won’t blog that day and start to read the reader. Inspiration fires up and before we know it we’re on our blog – posting.  Er… rather like me, right now.

I have loads of other things that need my attention and so I’m on here.

We put our blogs on diets, as well as ourselves. We devise ways to follow thousands of blogs and not burn ourselves out. Then we don’t follow our words of wisdom and burn ourselves out.

And for what? Tell me again why we all blog?

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Could it have something to do with it being amazing, addictive, inspiring and a great way to fill your time: even though you don’t actually have that time, do you? Could it be that it’s like being part of a big family… a bit like the one that you’ve left to their own devices downstairs?

Isn’t there something else we could all be doing instead? What you mean like slouching in front of the telly? Watching a film? Doing the ironing?

Hey, we’re perfecting our art. Leave us alone!

So, I’m now going to do what I came on here to originally do.

I’m not stressed out really. I could just use some more hours in the day and to suddenly acquire an organisation gene, that I seem to have missed out on at birth. .

How about you?

  • Could you use some extra hours in the day?
  • Do you know why you blog?
  • Are you addicted?
  • Do you take your laptop on vacation with you, to blog?
  • Have you ever taken a blog break, only to promptly break that blog break?

That’s me all questioned out now.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by here and have a great Monday night.

Until the next time.

Dorne 🙂

27 Thoughts

    1. Good to meet you Diana and I shall look forward to reading your posts on your blog.
      I too enjoyed writing as a child. I learnt to read and write quite early and I remember getting very excited when the teacher asked us to write stories.
      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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  1. I started blogging to share our experiences because supports for families of children on the autism spectrum can be limited. If someone could learn from our lessons learned, all the better. Then I realized the process of writing helped me learn more and deeper, which became a cycle of gaining knowledge and sharing that is, yes, somewhat addictive!

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  2. I think the actual process of writing your thoughts and feelings down is very therapeutic. If you can give someone an insight into a different world, well that is amazing.
    I can see how blogging would help with autism and what a great idea to utilise this amazing tool.
    I think blogs are perfect for sharing personal, snippets of information, when a book would be too involved and clinical. 🙂


  3. I was just thinking of writing about this. I’m addicted to blogging! The only reason I don’t spend more time on my blog is because of other obligations I have. Blogging has been such a positive experience for me. I love meeting other bloggers, finding new blogging inspiration, and using my blog as a form of therapy.


    1. Spot on Rebecca.
      I too use writing and sometimes my blog as a form of therapy. This doesn’t mean that I am about to bore you all rigid with every little detail of my daily existence. No, it’s just if I’m having a rubbish day, why not say so? We all have rubbish days, don’t we? My post might just help to inspire someone else: as so many of the posts that I read on WordPress inspire and uplift me.
      I shall look forward to reading your take on this thing we call blogging. 🙂

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      1. I totally agree that it’s okay for us to say if we’ve had a bad day. I think honesty is a great blogging technique to use. A lot of us use masks while blogging. In writing, it’s easy to only show the details we want to show, and if we want, we can leave out all the dirty details. But I think including details that show we’re “real” brings uniqueness and more authenticity to blogs.

        Thank you, and I’m so glad you are helping to inspire others. 🙂

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  4. I limit my posts to one or at most two per week, but I come on to read blogs every day. Since I started last September I have taken one break, but that was because I was off the grid and without wifi. I feel like the blogging community is part of my family, and I look forward to checking in every day (even when I should be doing other things). 🙂

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    1. I try to limit my posts, but it just doesn’t happen. I am even stranger than usual if I don’t post.
      I get what you mean about the blogging community and I look forward to hooking up with them, as well. 🙂


  5. Why do I Blog? The answer is complex. I Blog for a lot of reasons. One reason is that my blogs offer a path to my books. Another reason is the rewards that come from Blogging. For instance, one of my Blogs is about China and writing almost 2,000 posts for that Blog also has educated me about China, its history, its people, it politics, its culture, its art, etc. The more I write about China and its people, the more I learn that China is not the demon the media in the U.S. makes it out to be.

    One of my other Blogs focuses on the American troops who come home from one or more of America’s endless wars suffering from PTSD, becasue I’m one of those vets and writing about that helps me deal with my “why”.

    A third Blog focuses on public education and the ongoing corporate reform war to destroy the transparent, non-profit, democratic public schools in the United States and turn our children over to corporations to teach—corporations that are opaque. profit driven and not democratic.

    Did you know that more than 1,600 corporate Charters are supported by the Walton family and some of those schools don’t teach science but teach creationism? The Walton family has been waging war on the public schools for decades spending more than a $100 million annually to strip democracy from our schools so a handful of billionaire oligarchs will decide what are children are taught and how they will be treated in school. And according to a piece I read in The Washington Post, Bill Gates has spent about $2 billion since 2008 to destroy the public schools.


    1. I think blogging was made for providing a platform to promote our writing and books.
      It also gives us a place to voice our opinions, safe in the knowledge that there will be someone out there who thinks along the same lines. If there is a disagreement over views, this will usually be debated in a sensible and intelligent way.
      The wide range of topics that feature in blogs is incredible and it would take a lifetime to read and follow them… more’s the pity!
      Great to meet you and I will be taking a look at your blogs. 🙂

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  6. Yes, I addicted to love…I mean blogging. I have been ever since day 1.

    Why? Well, it’s a place where I can write how I write, and where people can read what I write. It’s actually getting my writing out there in public instead of keeping it all closed away and “for my eyes only”.

    Sometimes I can spend all day on WordPress, and the days rush past, but I’m having fun and that is what counts. Yes, life can get in the way, but I do take breaks and go out for walks with Toby so I can clear my head and come back to it all refreshed.

    I have taken a blog break and stuck to it. However, it was while I was writing that very romantic story about the women who owned a cat. You remember the one, don’t you, Dorne?

    I Love Blogging 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  7. I started blogging because I thought I had something to say that was worth saying. I still feel that, but I am now beginning to realise that it gives me a chance to converse with people who are not teachers and not retired, but who also have something to say. And unlike many other places on the Internet, a certain level of intelligence and politeness seems to be guaranteed.


    1. You certainly have got something interesting to say and I always find your posts informative and engaging.
      I agree with you, most bloggers are polite and keen to connect. We’re just one big, happy family really, aren’t we? 🙂


    1. LOL… I read this as ‘we’re having a crazy conversation’, on the first read![ I really should wear my damn glasses.] Yes, we could be having a crazy chat or a cozy chat.
      That’s very kind of you to say that.
      I will be popping over to your blog for a read.
      Er, coffee please; black and strong.
      Great to meet you. 🙂

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    1. Hi Judith and many thanks for reblogging this post on your blog. That’s fabulous and very kind of you.
      I will pop over and take a look at your blog.
      Great to meet you. 🙂


  8. Like these questions 🙂
    1 Yes, time flies. I need at least 52Hrs a day.
    2 I started to blog, (just one blog), in addition to writing books as an exercise, an aid to help hone my writing ability. i haven’t stopped.
    3 If by addicted do you mean why do I now have 5 blogs,(well six really)…then…but I may be in denial……Hmm best call the psychoanalysts I think!
    4 Not the last time.I had my laptop but I was editing my book! I did NOT blog about it…..until I came home.
    5 What is a ‘Blog break’?

    Thanks for this post Judith….I think those men in the white coats are at my door, so I have to leave now!


    1. Wow Paul! How do you keep six blogs all going. I only have two and the other one has just one post on it so far. I keep meaning to add to it; but life gets in the way… again. LOL!
      I will be checking out your blogs and thanks for stopping by and answering my questions. Great to meet you.
      The idea of a 52 hour day is both heaven and hell! 🙂

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      1. Hi Dorne, Re my Blogs.
        Well I don’t chase numbers…one almost ‘private’ blog I have has, at this moment, only about 20 ‘followers’ but then it has only 4 posts so far! (and is selective in content).
        The others I only post on about once a week. I tend to try for quality of content rather than quantity of posts. It works for me and the followers/views are increasing steadily.
        I like it like that because the quality of my ‘followers’ & the interactions I have with people I meet this way is of far better quality. (in my humble opinion)!
        So it’s not as difficult as you might think.:-)

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      2. You’re right Paul. It is better to make more worthwhile connections, on our blogs. I would rather have a small and select group of followers, than a massive collection of people I can’t really connect to. 🙂


  9. I want to set up a trading business where people who say they are bored and don’t know what to do can sell those extra hours to those of us who need them.
    I came to blogging because I was told it would help my writing. Mostly the writing improvement comes from the challenges I undertake but in the meantime I’ve enjoyed writing about stuff.
    Addicted? I love it and I have the time to do it. Even on holiday. I started just under a year ago and haven’t wanted to take break. Maybe I will. I’m sure I will. But in the meantime, if addiction it is, I will feed it.
    Great questions.


  10. Hi,
    I know Terri, Judith, Hugh, and many others. Coincidence?
    I answered yes to all your questions. Does that make me an addict or a really happy blogger? I prefer to think the latter.
    Thanks for visiting my site today. I’m glad you liked my post “Blog Growth…A Cheat Sheet.”
    Nice to meet you.


    1. I think we bloggers move in ever increasing circles, don’t we? We find new blogs and followers through other people’s circles.
      I loved your post and will be back for more! Great to meet you to. Have a good Sunday. :}


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