Do you let your inner child write?

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As a result of my year of blogging, I have quite a collection of abandoned posts on my rather messy dashboard. I’m guessing that I’m no different to any other blogger/writer. We start off a piece; we know what we want to say… only it sucks. Know that feeling?

We want to project a certain image to our readers and give them a useful and enjoyable read. But, it’s no good… the words aren’t flowing and your writer’s voice is not your own.  In fact it doesn’t really belong to anyone : it’s a mish- mash of different styles, all rolled into one.

I enjoyed writing from a very early age and I can still recall the buzz of excitement that I got when our teacher asked us to write stories/ essays at school. I never struggled with my voice; I would just form my ideas and get on with it. That’s kids for you, isn’t it? Pure, unaffected and able to get in touch with themselves.

We seem to lose touch with our inner child, as we age. We learn to become more serious. To not trust our thoughts and dreams. We have to conform in a certain way. This sometimes spills over into our writing and it then becomes rigid and boring.

Perhaps, we should allow ourselves a bit of child talk in our writing?  Although, goo goo, gah gah, will not cut it… a bit of play with our words and thoughts will. Kids look at things with a freshness and innocence. Why can’t we look at things in a similar way?

I liken it to my grandma days. This is when my 30 month old grandson comes around… usually on a Wednesday. I love to play with him. I find myself engaging in toddler talk; making even dafter noises than usual and running [okay, hobbling ] madly around the kitchen table , chasing him. We play crazy games of hide and seek and sing songs in awful voices. The music goes up and we dance like crazed people. Our house looks like a bomb has hit it and hubby and I sit in amongst it all, marvelling at our young charge.

In short, I lose myself in his world and become a child again. And oh boy does it feel good. My poor 55-year-old body may ache a bit more, but during those moments of playtime I am truly me. If I were to sit down and write, I can guarantee that my words would reveal the true me… from the heart.

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Of course, there are times when we need to conform and behave and write like adults; but would it do any harm to become more relaxed and playful in our approach to writing? Also, would this help us to find our true writer’s voices and write better?

Of course, if there is no child present to inspire us there are other ways to get playing. Painting, crafting, gardening, reading, cooking… in fact anything that lets us lose our self in the moment: it frees the mind and lets us return to our writing with  a new freshness.

My late father-in-law was a keen gardener and spent hours in his rather challenging, hilly garden. He suffered from various ailments, but once told me:

‘ When I’m in the garden, all of my aches and pains disappear. It’s only when I come back in the house and sit down that they return.’

Wise words indeed and I often remember them and him, when I’m trying to push through those painful moments. We all have them.

So, what do you think?

  • How did you find your writer’s voice?
  • What do you do to release that voice?
  • And what do you do when the right words won’t come?

As for me… I’m off to play with some paints and any other things that make my inner child happy. I don’t feel like being an adult today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great and playful day.

Until the next time.

Incidentally, I also have another more arty farty blog. Click here to take a peep. Thanks.

30 thoughts

  1. Dorne, this was an excellent piece of writing! I have been getting in touch with my inner child often now while writing my fairy story. I like it too. I miss my grandchildren. It is true you do get another chance at childhood with them, that you couldn’t do with your children. Have fun and keep writing! ❤

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  2. Thanks Colleen. I think kids help to keep you young at heart. It’s a privilege to be allowed into their world.
    I’m loving your fairy story. The swamp looks very mysterious.
    Not far from the sea front, on the south bay of nearby Scarborough, is a fairy garden. It has tiny houses, bridges over mini rivers and even has discarded small gardening tools , where the fairy folk have been tending their beautiful tiny plants.
    I was visited this garden as a child. I took my daughter there, when she was of an age to appreciate it and I plan to take the Duracell Bunny there, when he understands what he’s looking at. When I do I will be taking some pics!
    Have a great weekend and don’t work too hard. x:)

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  3. Great questions, Dorne, but ones I can’t answer – well I don’t think I can anyway.

    I just sit and write and the words just seem to come. It’s the inspiration to write about something which I need, whether it be a photo, another post, or even some words somebody may have said to me. Take yesterday, for example. I’m sat having a cup of tea in a hotel with 30 minutes to spare before I have to go and get ready for a Wedding. The Bridegroom’s mother passes and tells me that her son his ironing his shirt. ‘Ping’ – I have an idea for a piece of flash fiction and write the story on my iPad before going to get ready, and then enjoying almost ten hours of celebrating a new marriage.

    Today I’m feeling a little hangover. but that is my own fault 🙂

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  4. It doesn’t have a cat in it does it? If so, I don’t want to know. LOL!
    Seriously, that’s how it should be. You did well to have enough time to finish it off. I would have probably got so far and then had to break off. I’d have forgotten what the idea was and I’d have saved the story in some obscure file that I couldn’t find. [That’s one of my favourite tricks. Virtual and real!] I really need to get organised.
    I trust is was a good wedding. If you’re hungover it must have been.
    Have a great day and hope the head and body feel better soon. x:)

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    • No, but it does have something else beginning with ‘C’ in it. 🙂

      Since writing it I’ve racked my brains thinking if I should change the story at all, but so far I’m telling myself not to. I think that’s what I like about flash fiction – write it and leave it. Therefore, get writing Mrs Whale, and give us some flash fiction of anything under 500 words. 🙂


      • Oh dear god no! Is it a cow? A crab? What was he doing again… oh yes ironing his shirt. You’ve got me stumped. I can’t wait to read it.
        As for me and my flash fiction… which I have written, incidentally… okay boss! One piece of rubbish coming up! 🙂

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    • I look forward to it, but don’t let me push you. I’ve seen some other comments and I’d hate to think you are writing something not in your comfort zone. It would like you asking me to write a poem – I just can not take to it at all and many have ended up in the bin.


  5. I’m starting to believe that I should give up trying to write like an author and just write!
    Your words really struck a chord, Dorne. I’ve loved to write all of my life and it seemed so easy when I was younger. Getting a fairly late start on actually deciding to write and publish books made me sit down and put on an ‘authorly face,’ Re-reading my first book now, 6 months after it was published. I realize that the best bits are those points where I let the characters write the book. It seems they’re much better at ‘getting it real’ than I am!

    So THIS time, I’m just going to let it all pour out as the characters write the sequel. There will be plenty of time later to put on the authorly face and herd and cull extraneous words a little when the corral is full to overflowing. 😀

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    • Hi Wendy. I think the fact that you’re a published author is some indication that you’ve found your writing voice and it must appeal to others. Congratulations on that. Some of us are still fence sitting! Ahem!
      I’m always in awe of people who can write stories and novels and finish them… and even publish them.
      With fiction I get so far and then run out of steam. I think if I’m bored with it others will be.
      With non fiction I fare a bit better and plough on. So for the time it’s non-fiction only and the fiction will have to wait.
      Of course, it may mean that I’m not a fiction writer. We all have different strengths.
      I will be heading over to your blog for a nosey. Good to meet you and good luck with your sequel. x 🙂

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      • Thanks Dorne! lovely to see that you followed my blog too! Many thanks!
        It’s a strange thing… I spent so long doing jobs that I hated and feeling crushed into a very small, square box and then, quite suddenly, the bottom dropped out and I was faced with recovery and a decision. Blessed as I was to have a supportive daughter and son-in-law who sat me down and told me I had a roof over my head for as long as I wanted and wasn’t it time now to embark on something I loved, I took the plunge.:D
        It may be a long road to actually supporting myself but I haven’t felt this happy in a long, long time.


      • Working in a job you hate kills your soul, doesn’t it? No matter how much of a positive head you try to place on it, it’s still a life sucker.
        Glad things are turning around for you… your family sounds lovely.
        Have a great weekend. 🙂


  6. I do! I just focus on getting my story down first.. evict my stories onto paper. Let the child play… she’s gonna do it anyway . My inner child is alive and well and usually coloring on my mental walls and ruling the house. I try to be adult when writing but that doesn’t work for me so I save the adulting for when I’m editing and then I’ll pass it on to Beta Readers or someone more grown up. Let someone else adult… I’m not good at it. 😦

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    • I know what you mean. We allow ourselves to write from the heart and then the head has to take over and edit… yuk. Although, and I’m going to contradict myself now – I quite like leafing through my battered thesaurus and books on grammar. It then becomes a game to play and win, in the best way that I can.
      I love your inner child colouring on your mental walls and ruling your house. Lovely!
      Thanks for dropping by and I’ll pop over to your blog for a nosey. 🙂

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  7. I love this post. I too have a grandchild that keeps silliness alive in my life – so necessary for a balanced perspective. My writer’s voice seems to emanate from a darker adult place and my characters have no problem speaking when given the opportunity. Blogging is harder, and I often struggle for ideas, constricted by my own pressure to produce. I think you have a great suggestion here – to set aside my paradigms, and let a little carefree fun into this part of my day.

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    • Hi and thanks for commenting on my post. I think we should all try to make room for a little silliness and play in our lives… preferably each day. It’s easy to be too adult and too sensible. Enjoy your silly day and I’ll be taking a look at your blog. 🙂

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  8. I love this post! It’s all too easy to get caught up in the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of writing and lose the flow. When writing the first draft it’s essential to be in the moment and let the story write itself – save the rules for the rewrites.

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  9. Exactly! We need to let our minds play and create. Sometimes what they come up with is a brilliant surprise.
    Thanks for commenting and I’ll have a nosey at your blog. Good to meet you. 🙂


  10. That’s very true! Finding my voice was the hardest thing about blogging. At first I did not sound like myself at all, more like a chirpy fortune cookie! I find it much easier to write flash fiction, but I still struggle when I have to write about me or a non-fiction piece.


    • I’m the opposite… I can do non-fiction, but tie myself up in knots with fiction. We’re all different, aren’t we?
      I think we have to remain true to ourselves; because, we’re okay.
      Thanks for commenting on here and I’ll be checking out your blog as well. Good to meet you and have a great Sunday. 🙂

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