Motivation of the Indie Author

As someone who has the outline for a non fiction book , along with the chapters, set up; but who has yet to do something with it… this is just perfect.
I suspect I’m not alone and so I am reclogging , or even reblogging this great post… to motivate we fence-sitters! I will also put on my damn reading glasses!
Thanks for visiting and have a great day.
Until the next time.

Legends of Windemere

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An interesting question was asked about indie authors and motivation.  Without a boss of any kind, we make our own deadlines that are about as flexible as an overcooked noodle. It gets even harder when the person is a full-time author.  So how does one stay on track as a solitary organism operation?  Cloning?  Train mice to do your bidding?  Extra wives/husbands?  Removing all feasible distractions from TV to ceiling fans to any length of string?  Let’s see some ideas.

  1. A blog can help by making public goals that are either weekly or monthly.  This creates a sense of accountability since you, hopefully, have people reading your blog.  They will know if you slack off or aren’t writing at all.  I would call this the ‘forging of guilt and shame’ path.  At least you try to avoid those two things.
  2. Make a personal deadline for things.  This…

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2 Thoughts

  1. At home we call the not-writing/working on a project “the think system” ala “The Music Man” 😀


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