How do you begin to write?

I’ve been thinking about how we writers/bloggers get going, when the words and ideas won’t form.

Why do we think that everything we write has to be perfect? Life isn’t perfect, so why do we torment  ourselves and insist that our writing is spot on the first time?

If the words won’t come, we’re failures. We beat ourselves up and the word and ideas retreat even further into the back of our minds.

I think sometimes we have to place a bit more trust in ourselves. Trust that although the words may have gone AWOL at that particular moment in time, they will return. We just need to cut ourselves a bit of slack and let our imaginations and creativity find themselves again… in their own time.

This ties in with my post yesterday, about finding the inner child in our writing, click here to read .

One way to re-charge those writing batteries is to play.

Here are some other ideas.

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I’m a great advocate of Julia Cameron’s morning pages.

6 thoughts on “How do you begin to write?

    • Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read. I think we’re always learning, aren’t we? I find so many blog posts inspiring and then I have to take to my laptop and tap away! Have a great Sunday. 🙂

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  1. I recognised so much of myself in this post. When I started writing seriously I would often agonise for ages for the perfect beginning of a story and then end up losing all of it. Then when I had written something I corrected and amended the first draft of a short story so many times I was utterly confused. Now I feel a lot more confident and have my writing under control. Get the ideas down, in a relaxed and free manner, then later return for a rewrite. Great post and a big yes to freeing up creativity.:-)

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  2. Thank you very much Annika.
    I can identify with that. My first attempts at article writing were crazed, unorganised and just mental. Somehow, I used to sort myself out and get an article out of them and make the deadline, I soon learnt to be more organised and calmer.
    I know that confused feeling as well and then you begin to doubt your ability to finish it. If it’s a short story, that’s when I usually walk away… shaking my head. If it’s a commissioned article I plough on. I won’t be beaten, nor let down an editor that has been brave enough to commission my work.
    As with most things in life… it’s great when the going is good and b awful when it’s tough.
    Enjoy your Sunday evening. Talk again soon. x:)

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    • Hello and thanks for your kind comments and follow. I have tried to access your blog, but there seems to be an error on it!
      I will try again later on.
      Great to meet you and have a lovely day.
      Dorne 🙂

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