So you can speak proper English – like what I does!

Here’s something I found on my morning prowl of the web.

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There is lots of useful information here to help us with this crazy, irritating, but beautiful thing we call the English language.

Is there anyone out there who has mastered it to perfection? I think most of us just muddle along and resort to those well thumbed reference books… yes?

And, just when you think you have the hang of it… someone decides that it’s outdated and time for a change. Words are in and out of fashion and mind where you put your apostrophes!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day – minding your apostrophes. .

Until the next time.

Dorne.  🙂

2 thoughts

  1. Now you know I have noticed something about the English language… there is English, and there is American English. I love reading literature and posts from my English friends, although I find I look up most of the words because they are so different. I think my writing is plain-Jane, nothing spectacular. I am amazed at the range of words the English use as a whole. Even the sounds of the words I read (sometimes out loud to get the meaning) are strange and wonderful. Is it just me, or do other Americans see this?

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  2. I agree Colleen. There is a very definite difference between English English and American English. The pronunciation varies greatly and the sometimes the meaning, as well.
    But, I think the world is getting smaller and we are all understanding each other better than we used to!
    Talk again soon. x:)


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