Do you use Pinterest for your blog… and other bits and bobs!

SuperBanner_Creation_2015-04-28_075515 grandma dayFirstly today, it was supposed to be a grandma day for me. But, I’ve managed to get myself a dose of this woman flu that is doing the rounds over here. My daughter overheard me on the phone, being ill this morning and decided to cancel me. A wise move I think. So, I’m staying in, keeping warm and I plan to dash out in between the heavy hale showers that we are being  blessed with today. Little surprise that we get these bugs, when it was summer last week and we’ve plunged back into winter again, this week. That’s Great Britain for you.

In order to keep active and in between the coughing fits, I’ve found some more bits and bobs, about this thing we call blogging and thought I’d share them on here.

Found on

Found on

I think there’s some brilliant ideas there.

There’s more!

Found on

Found on

Click on here to go this site and read this very inspiring post from Lindsay.

Found on

Found on

Finally, but not least… and strictly speaking I should have covered this first, according to all of this great advice [ failed again ];  do you use Pinterest on your blog?

I don’t as yet, but, I’m beginning to see the possible benefits and the following information has spurred me on.

Found on

Found on

I think I need to get cracking on that Pinterest button and reading all of this advice again. That should keep me out of trouble as I die from woman flu!

Thanks for dropping by here and have yourself a germ free day.

Until the next time.

Dorne 🙂

6 thoughts on “Do you use Pinterest for your blog… and other bits and bobs!

  1. Get well soon, Dorne! Woman flu is far worse than man flu (so I have been told).

    Oh, and no I don’t use Pinterest. I did have a go, but then I started getting bombarded with pins about women dresses and fashion, so I gave up. Twitter and Google+ are my current favourites and running both of those already takes up too much of my time.

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  2. Oh it is Hugh. It ten times worse than man flu and I’ve still had to take the blogging greyhound out for a wander. Get the violin out!
    I’m trying to get into Pinterest. We’re in the process of re-designing our bathroom and I’ve got a lot of ideas from the pins. But, to be honest I have no idea what to do with the pins. I’ve got boards and they keep sending me more pins. Just what the hell are pins? Yes, dresses and make up. I do both, of course…being a woman type thing; but the dresses have to be long sacks that cover up the multitude of sins that equates to my poor old 55 year old body. Some of these dresses wouldn’t even cover my rather ample derriere. Mutton dressed as lamb springs to mind.
    I haven’t really figured out Twitter and god knows what happens on Google+? One day I will have time to sit down and figure them out… nope it isn’t going to happen.
    Anyway, it’s time I was dying on the sofa again.
    Have a great night Hugh. x:)

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