Lost and found…a little therapy post 🌾

Sometimes the going gets tough and we all have our own ways of dealing with it.
I like the idea of photos helping us to connect with nature and ourselves.
I had to reblog this great post.
How do you touch base again?
Thanks for dropping by.
Dorne. 🙂

Hope* the happy hugger


For the past month or two I have really been feeling as though I keep losing myself, as in not being grounded.  As though the earth will lose its gravity, but only under my feet…and then, on some days it is totally the opposite.  I try to hang on to the opposite days, but slowly that little gravity thing happens again.

On the ungrounded days I tend to slurp up others negative energy which is not such a good thing. The barriers need to be kept up and closed because of this, but it takes a lot of strength to keep those little walls up all the time.  I realise that this is both a psychological and a spiritual issue, and due to experience, I will not be knocking on any shrinks door.  Instead I will fight my fight and get to a balanced place again…

A very important  part…

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