If it wasn’t for life, we could post on our blogs…hey?

SuperBanner_Creation_2015-05-07_111324Life is like that with words“There’s a nail in the car tyre” he shouted at me as he scuttled into the kitchen, just now. His coat stayed on and he gave me that, come on let’s get to garage immediately look.

Now, it takes me a while to come around on a morning and I have yet to shower and sort out my scarecrow hairstyle… and I’m only on my second coffee of the day. I have a mountain of washing to do, chores around the house…. you get the picture. It’s called life, isn’t it?

There is also a matter of posting on my blog. I’ve made myself a promise that I’ll try and be a good girl and post on each of my blogs, at least once a day. I failed yesterday. We had the Duracell bunny. I’ll give myself that.

But, a damn nail in the car tyre… that can wait, whilst I get myself together.

In line with most bloggers/ Twitterers and Facebookers, I get extremely twitchy if I don’t blog. Why?  My post will most likely go unread, or at least not be acknowledged until later in the day. Because, my fellow bloggers and followers are taking part in this thing called life. That’s fine… but I need to blog. It sets me up for the day.  It seems that I’m addicted. Fine.

So, Mr Whale is waiting for me to go to the garage. He has taken his coat off… for now. I made him… I’m a hard woman.

Parkinson’s disease takes a rational and calm person and makes them more anxious and sometimes quite unreasonable. Mr Whale won’t be able to settle until the wheel is sorted out. That’s fine, it is important and needs to be done. But, it is part of life’s merry little dance and will have to be danced accordingly.

We will be making an appearance at the garage within the next couple of hours… just as soon as I am ready to emerge from my cocoon and face the world. Because, migraine makes me like that.

As for my other carefully laid plans for today? They lie in tatters… sob!

How about you?

  • Is your day running like clockwork?
  • Have you had a spanner thrown in your works?
  • Did it hurt?

I must go. Mr Whale has clocked that I’m actually on here typing this and not in the shower. But then, life’s like that!

Have a great day, wherever you are and thanks for stopping by here to listen to my moan.

Until the next time.

Dorne. 🙂

4 thoughts on “If it wasn’t for life, we could post on our blogs…hey?

  1. Oops! So Mr Whale caught you blogging when you said you were doing something else. I know exactly where you are coming from on this, Dorne. Just picture this scene.

    Hugh and John are watching telly.

    John choose what to watch, and Hugh is not particularly interested in it.

    John falls asleep.

    Hugh gets up and makes his way to the computer so he can blog

    John immediately wakes up and says “where are you going?”, knowing full well where Hugh is going.

    Hugh sits down again.

    John falls asleep again.

    Hugh gets up again and this time makes it to the blog.

    Hugh comes down stairs after blogging and John wakes up.

    John says “I might as well be on my own for the time you spend on that blog.”

    Hugh doesn’t say anything about John falling asleep on the sofa most evening by 8pm.

    Hugh and John are still a very happy civil partnership couple. 🙂

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  2. Exactly Hugh! As I type this Mr Whale is asking if Dorne is alright… from downstairs. No, I’m possessed by my blog, honey. [She’s partaken of a little wine…. it’s Friday!] ]
    He’s been to the pub for a drink and she’s stayed in… to get some Dorne time. They’re together 24/7.
    That’s okay… but she is actually fine with her own company and indeed needs it, in order to function… and to blog.
    They’ve been together 21+ years, so something must be working.
    When Mr Whale gives her that :
    You’re blogging again look,
    She reminds him that she writes and that sometimes this involves her tapping away on her laptop at antisocial hours to meet a deadline/ or simply because she must.
    She also reminds him that sometimes she gets work via her blog and social media.
    Mr Whale then shuts up and carries on watching Cash in the attic. Which is a load of old codgers frantically searching through their dusty attics for any old tat that might raise them £5.50 at auction, to go towards a cream tea! [ Absolutely love the programme!]
    Please… Dorne hasn’t come to that quite yet . And there’s nothing worthwhile residing in her attic: except dust and an asthma attack! .
    And yes, Mr Whale falls asleep all of the time. What’s a girl to do?
    Those who don’t blog, haven’t got a clue, have they? x 🙂

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