Where am I?

Derwentwater spring

There’s only so much of this stunning scenery my soul can take.

We’ve had rain, but the mountains and peaks have been shrouded in a beautiful mist. The sun has shone through dark and romantic clouds. Like a brooding Heathcliff in the heavens.

The wind has whipped fresh, virginal leaves on the trees and then it has died to a whisper.

Tomorrow, we leave for home. My battery re-charged .

I take a part of it with me, in my heart.

But, where am I?

Thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. What a beautiful part of the Lakes! I have a friend up there and she’s been regaling me about the unstable weather. I like your very apt ‘brooding Heathcliffe in the heavens’. Soon off to the middle of the North York moors for a week so I’m expecting equally unreliable wi-fi…grrr…bliss..

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  2. Yes! Of course this morning we saw that round thing in the sky… rather than the rain. Because of the check out time I didn’t make it down to the lake. But, that part of the world resides in my soul. That and Scotland. And I will be back to both places as soon as I can.
    I hope you have fun on our moors. Yes, the Wifi will be hit and miss. But, being off grid can be bliss, as you quite rightly say.
    The weather here, is beautiful, at the moment.
    Watch out for the werewolves and aliens!


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