Why do you write and how?

SuperBanner_Creation_2015-05-04_034153just a thought 2Why do you write? I’m guessing because it’s second nature to you. Me too.

I love these writer’s explanations about why they write.

Found on stenhouse.com

Found on stenhouse.com


I love to put a good quality pen to an intoxicating scented paper, in a thick notebook. Or, open up a blank page, colour it up, or give it an inspiring background  and get tapping away.

Through my endless words I work through my dreams, fears, elation and they are between just me and the page. I can tell it anything and it will keep my deepest and darkest secrets safe. There’s no need to feel embarrassed, or guilty. The page does not judge. No need to try to find the right words… this is a place of no censure… a place of quite literally freedom of writing.

Finally, when the words and emotions have been poured on to the page, they can be destroyed; so as not to offend an unintended reader. A bonfire with your words completes the exorcism.


Found on etsy.com

Found on etsy.com


But, how about you? What compels you to write and what do you write?

  • Poetry?
  • Fiction?
  • Non-fiction?
  • Do you keep a diary?
  • Or do you write to exorcise your internal demons.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day… writing.

Until the next time.



11 thoughts

  1. I just love notebooks and have a couple of drawers with various half-filled books. In the shops their tantalising covers will draw me in and then as I flip through those empty pages waiting for ink my mind is set and drawing out my purse I’ll head to the till to pay. Many are filled with diary-like entries, others with my very vivid and at times frightening dreams then others with ideas for stories or just quirky conversations and images I come across during my day.

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  2. I write fantasy. For me writing feels like an addiction. I lose the world around me, retreating into the world inside my head. If life in the “real” world calls me from my laptop for too long, the cravings start. I feel physically starved, jittery and cranky. I came to writing late in life and expect it will see me through to the end.

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    • I have a real addiction to notebooks and journals. I also am the proud owner of a vast collection of half-filled books. When my hubby sees me buying yet more notebooks, he always reminds me that I already have some… bless!
      And snap… I also write about my dreams: to try and make sense of them.
      A world without notebooks would be hell.
      Thanks for commenting, my partner in notebook crime! 🙂

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    • I love that sense of being enveloped in a fantasy world. There’s just you , your thoughts and your characters. It’s so tempting to remain in this world, isn’t it?
      As you say, the real world beckons and we have to reluctantly take part in this thing called life. Then, we can return to our strange and cosy, or maybe not so cosy imaginary worlds! 🙂

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      • I’m all too familiar with that feeling as well. I tell myself that being outside, with nature will blow away the cobwebs. I will feel re-energised and my creativity will be all the better for it. I may be deluding myself.. but I have to be outside.
        And not just in summer. Falling snow draws me, as a magnet would.
        I don’t think you can resist nature… nor should you. 🙂


  3. I write in notebooks too, particularly when I’m starting a new idea. I tend to prefer writing fantasy, but recently have rekindled an interest in poetry, and I write haikus too.


  4. Flash fiction has me hooked now. Don’t know why I didn’t think of writing it before and don’t known how I found out that I liked writing it, but there you go.

    Other than fingers on keyboard, I don’t write anywhere else other than on to the computer. I do have diaries, but they go back a long way.

    You ask some great questions, Dorne.


    • Your flash fiction is great Hugh. I like this form of fiction as well.
      Keep those great stories coming… but not that damn cat, please!
      I think my questions are lame, but if you like them, okay. Thanks. x

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