Does music inspire your writing?

SuperBanner_Creation_2015-05-04_112537 Wrtiting tips badge for write dorne may (2)Do you use music as inspiration for your writing? Or do you require absolute silence, in order to write?

Apart from writing, painting and trying to be creative, I’m also a BIG fan of music. I have a very eclectic taste, ranging from classical [ the Russians are a favourite]  modern jazz, folk music, pop, to New Age.

My misspent youth was largely spent at music colleges and music centres. I had plans to play clarinet professionally, in those days. My world changed and I went down another road; but, my love of music remains.

These days it is instrumental in inspiring my writing and painting. What a terrible pun! Sorry.

I challenge anyone to listen to the likes of  Rachmaninoff, or Shostakovich and not produce a suitably dramatic and deep piece of writing.

Equally, modern jazz sings to my soul and brings a bit of modernity and edginess to my prose. A bit of New Age music can get me suitably chilled out and help me to bare my soul, via my words.

Sometimes, the music has to be loud and other times, just playing gently in the background.

I compare it to incidental, or background music in a movie, or television programme. It can drive the idea and appeal to the senses. I’m in my own strange world, with my characters and their lives and the music fills in the gaps.

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The other night I felt inspired by a bit of Ralph Vaughan Williams and his Serenade to Music. I found, what I thought was a rather fabulous video on YouTube,  created by a guy that had cleverly combined these two great artists.

After I’d watched that video the next piece in my writing jigsaw, for an ongoing story idea, appeared. Magic!

So, how about you?

  • Do you need music to drive and channel those thoughts?
  • If so, what kind of music sings to your soul?
  • Or, if you need silence… does it have to be absolute?
  • Is anyone allowed to breathe?

Thanks for dropping by here and if you want to take a look at the said, inspiring video click on here to go to my other blog and have a listen.

Until the next time.

Dorne. x

13 thoughts

  1. I used to be able to listen to music when I worked, but I don’t think it ever aided me in my work. It was more that I was able to tune it out and get in the zone. These days though, I can’t get into the zone as easily as I used to, so no music for me.


  2. I used to write to new age instrumental music and found it very evocative. I was writing about dragons and the soaring rhythms helped me feel the dragons’ flight and the experience of man and dragon merging into one. Now, I find that silence works best. Not necessarily complete silence, but no TV! Everyone is allowed to breathe:)

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  3. Ah this got me thinking. I tend to use visual images as a source of inspiration rather than music, maybe I need to rethink and try a bit of music too. Lovely idea, like you I have a very eclectic taste, enjoy pop, rock, classical, the blues, almost anything except jazz and rap, not too keen on either of these.

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    • I really find that music gets my ideas flowing. It really speaks to me.
      I too struggle with rap… but, I like Men in Black, by Will Smith… does that count?
      Thanks for your input and ideas. x

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  4. I always write my short stories and flash fiction while listen to music, Dorne. I’ve found it really works for me, although it has to be certain music such as Robert Miles, or anything from the 80’s era. I love instrumental pop music, hence why I enjoy Robert Miles, John Michel Jarre, Enya, to name but a few.

    However, I only use it for writing fiction. For everything else I just write with the distant sound of Radio 2 playing in the background.

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  5. You can never go wrong with anything Vaughn Williams (it is on my bucket list to see “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis” performed live).

    For thoughtful concentration, pretty much anything classical. For creativity new age (Kitaro is a favorite), and for getting things done anything from Doctor Who!


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