Where do you find your creativity?

SuperBanner_Creation_2015-05-07_111324Life is like that with words I haven’t posted on here for a few days and I’m at that getting a bit edgy stage… do you know what I mean?

Life is getting in the way of my writing again, at the moment and I haven’t touched base with my favourite blogs for a while. Something needs to be done. But life is a bit bonkers.

My hubby is struggling with clambering into the bath to use the overhead shower, due to the damn Parkinson’s and we’ve been looking at the numerous and various possibilities. Correction … yours truly has been looking at the endless ways of keeping my beloved bath [I’ll come to that, in a minute] but, having a walk in shower as well.

I have small bathroom designs coming out of my ears and I’ve pinched and squeezed space from every conceivable area of our tiny cottage to realize my dream. I might have just finally found a solution and we are now at the quote stage.

This is good fun, because I’m in touch with guys that I used to work with, in my previous life. I was a repairs manager for a property management company. And it seems that I’m not as out of touch as I thought, when it comes to estimates. Give the girl a gold star!

Anyhow, what has this all got to do with finding your creativity?

Found on etsy.com

Found on etsy.com

And why have I got a picture of a woman in a bath?

I love to wallow in my filth and dead skin. Surrounded by candles and the aroma of incense, I can easily while away an hour. In this womb like, candle lit, warm and cosy space I can let my imagination run wild. Ideas come to me and I eventually emerge from my watery ideas board, pruned, chilled and brimming with ideas. Or, if ‘ve been mulling over a dilemma… a possible solution.

Now, this image, found on Pinterest, has given me another idea. I could write in the bath. Why not? I write practically everywhere else. I’ll grab myself a board, suitably pretty notebook, pen  and get scribbling.

And there is another reason  for my celebration of my beloved bath. Because, I feared that I might have to sacrifice it, for a walk in shower. I’d thought of all possible solutions and then I took a long, candle lit, bubble bath. An idea came to me. I ran it past the plumber and it’s actually bloomin doable. Hurray!

By pinching a square metre from the corner of our kitchen, we are looking to transform the existing loo into a walk in shower and loo. I’m a genius! Now, I’ve just got to convince Mr Whale that the price is reasonable and fair… he thinks folk should agree to his prices. [Parkinson’s rears its damn ugly head again!]

So, I may yet get to keep my cherished bath. My thinking tub. My sanctuary. I’ve confided too many secrets to that bath… it’s mine. I need it. Mr Whale will be able to shower safely and easily downstairs, and in some style.

So, how about you?

  • Where do you find your creativity?
  • Do you enjoy wallowing in your own filth?
  • Do you use bubble bath, or salts?

I’m off to shower now, because I don’t have time for a wallow. But, I will lovingly stroke my bath tub and let it know just what it means to me.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great, inspirational day.

Dorne x

6 thoughts on “Where do you find your creativity?

  1. I don’t bath, Dorne, I only shower. I’m not sure why but with little time in the day I find having a bath a waste of my writing time. Also, won’t the paper get wet if writing in the bath?

    You go ahead and enjoy your baths. I know lots of people find them relaxing and if that is the case then you have every right to enjoy wallowing.

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