I Enjoy Therefore I Am A Freak!

My daughter has a new blog. This is her post today. It made me think… will it make you think? Life really is what you make it… yes?


Found on csmonitor.com Found on csmonitor.com

Funny isn’t it how we spend all our time trying to achieve that ultimate goal! Well I do, and sometimes I just have to take a step back and be realistic and realise that there is nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong with ambition but…. I may not achieve all my goals! I have far too many and they are unrealistic… no really they are! One person could  not possibly or physically do the things I would like to do, to name a few… travel the world with my Partner and Son before he starts school (my son that is) and own one or two… ten different companies which I have entrepreneurially set up. Given the fact that I need to check how to spell entrepreneur every time I write it and make up words like entrepreurially???? maybe it’s a little out of my league!

I won’t let…

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