I’m asking again… do you check your blog stats?

SuperBanner_Creation_2015-05-30_050027random thoughts and ideas 1Regular readers of this so-called blog will be able to recall  the many times I have pondered the question of our stats and follower numbers. I have made myself a promise to not become obsessed by the damn things… because they detract from the joy of blogging. Am I right?

So, I blog unconditionally. I blog because I love it, because I need to and because… who am I kidding?

I’m checking my stats with the rest of you. Sometimes, and this is how sad and pathetic I am, I will check my stats if I get up in the night , to go to the loo.

There, I’ve come clean.

But, all is not lost. Because, at one time I would have stressed out seriously at a lack of visitors, or a drop in numbers, now I laugh in the face of blogosphere failure.

In the middle of the night, this can be a bit scary for my hubby, as my hysterical laughter stirs him from his slumber. I really must stop doing that.

And another thing… I’ve noticed that all is well on my two blogs… until I post. Then I will invariably lose a couple of followers. With immediate effect.

What’s that about then? You’re happy to follow me, just as long as I don’t actually post. If I do, you’re off!

I pour my heart and soul into a monster of a post that takes me a month to put together [ okay, slight exaggeration there… about forty minutes ]. I post it and… nothing, or another six of you clear off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m laughing at this…it’s soo funny.

Then, I’ll do a quick post about how I’ve just fallen over… yet again: you all love it and I get another 50K followers… I wish!

What’s that all about then?

I have a theory and I’ll make it extra specially quick, as I can sense your finger hovering over the unfollow button, right now.

I think that as we’re all so very busy, and really don’t have time to read the equivalent of War and Peace on our favourite blogs, we appreciate the ones that arrive, deliver and allow us to like and be on our way.

So, yes stats are important. I don’t understand them. I don’t get how someone can like your new post, when there is no spike showing on your graph. Are they a ghost, or what? Also, they like the post, before it’s actually posted?

Will it interfere with my enjoyment of blogging? No… I’m thoroughly addicted. I just felt like a Saturday teatime moan.

How about you?

  • Do really care about your stats?
  • Do you understand the spiky things?
  • Do you also check your stats in the dead of night?
  • Are you a ghost?

Okay, I admit it – I’m sad! .

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x

20 thoughts on “I’m asking again… do you check your blog stats?

  1. Don’t be sad! One of the most important lessons I have ever learned is that it is usually not about me. Yes, I check my stats – I set goals for myself each month, just to see if I can achieve them. If I don’t – and I know I have done my best – I don’t fret too much. There are too many variables to really pin stat ebbs and flows solely on me.

    Does that make me a Pollyanna – maybe! 😀

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  2. Just like your writing, do your blogging on what makes you happy. There is no other way. I follow so many blogs now that I can’t read all of them in a day. Well, I could – but I would nothing else done. We all have to make concessions, I think. ❤

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    • You’re right Colleen. There aren’t enough hours in a day to read all of the blogs we follow. Then there’s all the other social media.
      We have to do what we can and have a life as well. x

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  3. Dorne, are you talking about the 1,379 followers (currently showing on your blog page), or just the number of WordPress followers? I only ask as I found out a few months ago that the big number on my blog page is made up of WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ followers. This number goes up and down by the hour usually due to Twitter. Followers on there come and go all the time. Somebody will follow me on Twitter, I follow them back, then they will unfollow me. I don’t understand why they do that and I’ve often been told not to let it concern me, so I don’t anymore.
    When I was new to WordPress and bloging I stressed about my stats, but after being on here for 12 months I stopped stressing about them. I do check them occasionally but I don’t worry about them anymore. I just enjoy writing my posts and reading blog posts of those blogs I follow.

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    • I didn’t know that Hugh. Omg! That makes me even more rubbish than I had originally thought.
      Only kidding. I have a good sense of humour… I need it.
      I love blogging for the writing and folk and not the stats. x

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  4. I check my stats once a month. If I had a particularly positive response to a post and I see it shared via Facebook or Twitter I’ll check a little more often. I was so WP challenged in the beginning that I didn’t even know the stats were there. And I’ll admit if I do check on them it’s usually in the dark of the night. Keep writing for you, the people that want to read your thoughts will be here. 😊

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    • Yes, it took me long enough to discover the stats. They’re interesting, but I don’t really get them. I don’t want to either.
      I don’t think I could last a month to have a laugh at them though.
      I might give it a go. x

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      • I see other bloggers talking about this stats. The only time I seen WP take notice of me was when I had a post reblogged and viewed a few more time then usual. I don’t get what they’re really based on either. I just keep them open when I want to see who’s reading my musings all over the world. 😃❤️

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  5. I’m not a ghost……. I’m really inconsistent with checking stats and still don’t fully understand them. I’m probably better off that way because if I really gave them a closer look and tried to explain spikes and drops….. I would be up checking them in the middle of the night….. To be honest, after reading your post the thought that I should run over to my stats page and see what s going on keeps running through my head. (But it’s 3:50am and I probably should sleeping.)

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  6. I look at my stats every day, mostly to see the countries in which my visitors live. That fascinates me. I don’t pay any attention to the number of followers I have. Sometimes I will receive notification that I have a new follower, and it turns out to be someone I thought had been my follower for quite a while. So what did they do? Unfollow me and then follow me again? It’s too much!

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