Thank god it’s Monday.

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Very often I can be found on here, or Twitter, singing the praise of Fridays. I usually toast the end of the working week with a glass, or two of wine.

I say the end of the working week, but for many of us we can and do work whenever we have to, don’t we?

This got me thinking… again: there’s been a lot of that recently.

I thought about Monday and what that means to me.

  • It means a whole new virginal week ahead.
  • Last week’s failures are history.
  • I’m not the same person that I was last week, because at least two of my cells will have divided since then. Therefore, I am a changed woman. A new woman – even!
  • I can start afresh; with new goals and fresh dreams.
  • If  I’m working on a long-term plan or dream – this week I may move even nearer to achieving it.
  • Or I may give up on that and go for a new one – because the new week has arrived, complete with a fresh angle, on an old problem.
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The fact that a new week can bring a new angle with it, has been demonstrated to me recently.

After weeks of planning a new walk in shower to replace the existing bath tub, to make showering easier for hubby, another solution presented itself. SuperBanner_Creation_2015-05-04_034153just a thought 2

We could extend our downstairs loo, by pinching a bit of our kitchen and create a walk in shower room in there. Brilliant! The truth is, this idea occurred to me weeks ago, in the early stages of this process. Oh me of little faith in my ideas, rejected it as being too OUT THERE!

As I stood alongside the plumber and joiner, explaining my crazy idea I waited for them to

  • crack out laughing
  • faint or
  • remain completely silent.

They bought it and my faith in myself was restored. We all have our moments of doubt, don’t we.

  • Two weeks ago I was grappling with a bathroom conversion, which meant sacrificing my bath tub.
  • Last week my much-loved bath tub looked like being saved… and my sanity along with it.
  • This week we await the quotes. If you hear a scream that’ll be me, coming to terms with my brilliant, amazing idea.

But, I don’t really care. Because…

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This week I may find the solution to one of my dilemmas, or I may have to find and  travel a new road.

I may actually pitch those ideas to those publications, write that short story and post it on here. You have been warned!

I might just actually get around to the trillion and one other ideas on my to do list. There again I may not.

In that case they will roll over on to a glorious new week.

So how about you?

  • What are your plans for this week?
  • Any bathrooms to re-design?
  • Novels to publish?
  • Do you like Mondays?

This post has been written with Silver Threading’s Mindful Monday series in mind, click here for more information.

This weekly post, by Colleen and her guest bloggers,  marks out the beginning of the week with some brilliant ideas for body, soul and spirit. Take a look, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for dropping by here and have yourself a great Monday.

Dorne. x



5 thoughts on “Thank god it’s Monday.

  1. Well, I think I have. It won’t be sorted until it’s sorted… if you get my meaning!
    I love your Mindful Monday posts. It’s a great way to start a brand new week. x


  2. Thanks for making me look at Mondays with fresh eyes. After some fairly lousy weeks, it’s time for me to look forward and consider the possibilities of the brand new week ahead. 🙂

    I hope the bathroom project quote isn’t too outrageous!!:)


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