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Yes, I’m still here and no I haven’t given up on you. Presently, there aren’t enough hours in the day and so on. We all know that feeling, don’t we?

I want to ask a question of you today.

Do you believe that the people in your life are meant to be there? Yes, even the ones that you wish weren’t? Or is that all too contrived and out there? Are you the master of your destiny?

Actually, that’s several questions. I ask because, just of recently people have been popping into my life, right out of the blue. Leaving me with that : where did that come from ?feeling. Random things that happen and take you down a different road.

Personally, I love that. Life never gets boring.

But, you must have faith to just let it happen, don’t you? The belief in yourself that whatever happens you will deal with it.

Blogging is like that, isn’t it?  I mean, how many of us would put ourselves out there for all of the world to read and dissect, if we really thought about it? It’s pretty scary stuff. Just press that button and you’re at large!

That’s where blogging buddies come in to it. They are there for you and you for them, no matter what. You’re not able to post as much? No problem… they’ll still be there. You want to talk? They’re there. You’re off colour? They’re there.

So, I say a huge thanks to my followers and those of you who pop on here and my sister blog

I’m not going to promise that I’ll be posting daily anytime soon, because I probably won’t. But, I will check in as often as I can.

I appreciate the support and I know that the people who belong in my life will stay, or appear.

So how about you?

  • Do you believe that the people who belong in your life will show up?
  • Or, perhaps you have drawn up a plan and are methodically working your way through it?
  • Can you give yourself permission to just be you?

Thanks for dropping by and reading.

Until the next time.

Dorne x


9 thoughts

  1. Lovely post Dorne. I used to have a ‘plan’ for my life as young adult but soon learnt to go with the flow and see what happens. It has worked well so far! It’s strange how some people do drop out for years than suddenly you meet up again and it’s as if you’ve never been away. At first I tried to analyse this but now am just happy for the contact.

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  2. Just so long as both Mr Whale and you are well, then I’m happy with that.

    As for people being there for a purpose in your life then I’m spilt right down the middle. There are some people who do have an effect on my life but equally others that play no part at all, so why are those people in my life? Maybe they will play a part in the future?

    I like you thinking behind all these questions Dorne.

    Hope you are managing to stay cool in the mini heatwave. I’m just about melting here. Somebody needs to throw a bucket of cold water over me.

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  3. I float along, believing doors open and close with purpose. I’m me. That said, I do believe that positive energy gathers positive energy and putting dreams out there makes a difference. And I love my blogland connections. They’re friends without complications 🙂

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    • I love the image of us floating along and life happening. I agree in that I think if we set out to do something we can make it happen.
      I also love how people just appear in our lives, when we need them.
      You’re also right about blogging friends. 🙂

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  4. Hi,
    I am fatalistic. I do believe they are meant to be in our lives.
    I know several people here. Nice we are in the same communities. Thank you so much for following my blog (soon to be You wrote another post about change, and it’s the time of the year for it. I guess that’s what I’m doing!
    Thanks again. Welcome to my community.


    • Hi Janice and thanks for stopping by.
      I love your blog and there is so much information on it, I could spend all day on it.
      I agree, I feel that life takes its twists and turns for a reason. Folk appear and disappear and later on we sometimes are able to marvel at the connection. Amazing things happen and usually when you’re just letting life wash over you.
      I’m looking forward to checking out your blog again. x

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