Greyhound blogging : I’m posting because she isn’t.

paddling misty 3I can’t remember the last time I posted on here and I bet you can’t remember the last time she posted on here. She being the zombie, of course.

It doesn’t get any better, in fact it just slows down even more with the heat. It should try wearing a fur coat!

I have to paddle in the local river [Derwent] to cool off. The other day I slipped and went in bottom first. I was okay, but it made the zombie giggle. So, I tried to pull her in with me; but sadly that didn’t work. I made do with shaking the very second I got back on to the bank and the zombie wasn’t fast enough: so it got a good soaking.

For those of you who may not have read my posts before, here’s a bit of background info for you.

I’m a retired greyhound, called Misty and I’m 12 now. I live with a lovely guy called Peter and his wife, called Dorne. She’s a zombie. She has a headache/migraine every single day… loves the things and can’t get enough of them. It’s something to do with her manky hormones, or something like that. She has a under active thyroid gland and this makes her eat Indian curries, chocolate [plain, because milk triggers a migraine] drink beer, whisky, wine and sleep a lot. Most of the time she looks like she died two days ago and she moves a bit like it as well.

Pete has Parkinson’s disease and he just gets on with it. Whereas the zombie doesn’t get on with anything. It drives like a maniac, paints weird pictures, writes absolute rubbish and knits lots of scarves.

It calls itself a writer. The only thing I’ve seen it write is a shopping list! How it gets published is a mystery to me.

As for me… I’m laid back, very clever and modest to the point of being ridiculous.

Talking of ridiculous, the zombie is stirring. It’ll probably want me to take if for a walk, so it can take some pretty pictures with its camera. Then it will post them on here on, or the sister blog.

Yes, in an ideal world there should be a link to the sister blog, but the zombie hasn’t figured that out yet. Besides, since when was this blog ideal?

So, you’ve been warned about the photos. The zombie is also presently doing more painting; so at some point you may well be subjected to some hideous monstrosities that it thinks pass as artwork.

It thinks it can blog, write, paint, sew, knit and loads of other stupid things, but it can’t. It sleeps well though… and manages to walk around whilst it does it!

That’s enough from me, darlings. Thanks for dropping by and reading what fascinating things I’ve been getting up to. I’ll be back soon, because I think the zombie is too busy dropping to pieces to post on here!

Stay cool.

Misty x

5 Thoughts

  1. LOL! Don’t you just love BT. Actually my brother in law and nephew work for them… now that’s funny.
    I don’t think I would be able to live without broadband. You’re very brave.
    Glad Misty gave you a laugh… she’s a cheeky pooch! x

    Liked by 1 person

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