Silencing our inner critic.

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When we’re having a good day nothing can stop us, or put us down, can it?. That inner critic doesn’t get a look in… right?  Yes, we make mistakes, but it’s as if we are cocooned in a protective ball. No one and nothing can get to us. Insult and criticise away:  we’re not biting! On those days, whatever happens we can turn it around… no matter what happens.

However, on a bad day our inner critic is allowed to loom large and take control.

We’re no good, our ideas are stupid, everybody else is far superior to us and we should just give in. If we try to fight back, more often than not it results in other failures. On those days should we just give in and resign ourselves to the fact that it’s not our day?

But, what if our day never arrives? Do we spend our lives waiting for a good day? Not a brilliant epitaph: She spent her life waiting for a good day, which, alas never came.

And just what makes a good day so good and a bad one, bad?

Our thoughts determine our days, don’t they?

If we feel positive and creative then the chances are we’ll be happier and will be more optimistic. Chaos may still rule around us, but our outlook will determine an acceptance of our situation. We’ll think of ways to fix problems, clear blockages and get moving again. In fact, we may actually thrive on problem solving.

Is it possible to turn it around?

We’re encouraged to keep going aren’t we? Don’t let it beat you… overcome it. Perhaps there are times when it has to beat you… albeit for the day. Maybe we need to allow ourselves to have an off day, to appreciate a more productive and positive day? To just roll over and let it wash over us.

Because, often when we’ve let ourselves off the hook and have resigned ourselves to failure, that voice of optimism will speak up and start to feed our mind with solutions. This voice will shout louder than the inner critic. It will gradually and purposefully silence the inner voice, that threatens to rubbish us.

We’re okay.

It’s okay to have a bad day, because they don’t last forever and even if they go to bed with you, tomorrow is a new day.

How about you?

  • How do you get through a bad day?
  • Do you try to make it right?
  • Or perhaps you let it wash over you?

Me, I’ve had a rubbish day. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve done with the grouting in the bathroom. I’ve failed miserably at several other projects and now I’ve come on here and written this mush.

But, it’s okay. Because tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow, I will redeem myself in the bathroom. [The mind boggles!] I will have another bash at the other things that have mocked me today.

My mission for the rest of today, is to silence that damn whining, critical voice that would love me to believe that I’m rubbish and should give up. I may be rubbish, but I’m not done yet.

Thanks for reading this rubbish and enjoy the rest of your great day.

Until the next time.

Dorne x





2 Thoughts

  1. The old inner critic got tired of being ignored and doesn’t nag in my ear that much any more. In my old(er) age, I realized that the inner critic actually has no “real” power other than the power I give it. If it has a tantrum, I put it in a jar, screw the lid on tight, and put it outside for a time out. Works (almost) every time 🙂

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