Beating that clock.

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How many times do you wish you could stretch those 24 little hours? Then you would be able to:

  • Write that book
  • Pitch to that editor
  • Write that article
  • Interview that fascinating person
  • Write that Story
  • Blog
  • Read all of the other blogs you follow
  • Decorate the house
  • Clean the house
  • Do yoga
  • Paint
  • Garden
  • Read
  • Read some more

Or perhaps you’re one of the more organised ones amongst us. You’ve found a way of making the day go further?

Please don’t tell me to get up earlier, go to bed later. I need my sleep… okay!

Yes, I shouldn’t  be gawping at the telly; but those programmes and films are fuelling my imagination.

And for heaven’s sake why am I just lazing around on my sunbed, on a warm summer’s day? I should be banging away on my laptop. I’d do it  right here and now… if I could see the damn screen in this rather lovely warm sun.  Also, it does one good to just be a lazy bones. Whilst I idle my time away , the ideas are forming  and the words coming together.  Honestly! [ More on this at a later date.]

I feel guilty about not having the time to read all of the blogs I’ve followed, let alone read the blogs of the kind folk that take the time and the trouble to read my infrequent posts.

And why are they infrequent posts? Because the clock beats me. I have to be elsewhere, doing something else. In short, I can’t just sit and write on here all day long.

But, that would make me a dull woman… even duller than I already am.

So, I make no apologies for not being on here and for not reading you all more often. I do my best… we all do.

I’m slightly envious of the ones that can make that clock slow down for them; like wizards of time. The ones that are disciplined and focused. They too have lives and commitments to honour, but they have learnt how to twist time and make it theirs.

I am not one of you. I’m a mess and in a muddle for most of the time. But, I’m me and I’m okay.

So, how about you?

  • Do we have any super organised folk out there?
  • Can you give us any pointers?
  • Is there any hope for the rest of us?

Thanks for dropping by and I’m off to sit in the garden and twiddle my hair. I’ve found that is very productive and assists greatly with the writing of the greyhound book. Yes, there really is one in production.

Until the next time… whenever.

Dorne x





2 thoughts on “Beating that clock.

  1. I was reading an article about people who truly need only 4 hours of sleep (as opposed to those who have insomnia or force their bodies to not sleep) and all the things they do. sigh those of us who need 9 just gotta do what we can and accept it, I guess.

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    • Yes, I’m highly jealous of folk that can sleep very little and achieve so much. Imagine what we could do with those extra hours? I’m like you… I need my sleep. If I don’t get it… oh boy, watch out! 🙂

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