Migraine art/photography: migraine is not just a headache.

This is from my other blog, which looks at the more playful side of life. Well…. that’s what it’s supposed to do!

dorne whale - my inner child

new header for inner childMigraines feature largely in my life. I say that almost as if I am proud of them… I’m not. I have just grown into an acceptance of them. Hormonal changes seem to drive mine and as I am the owner of an underactive thyroid gland and am a menopausal woman[ watch out!], I am pretty much at the mercy of the damn things.

Today, I would like to give you non-migraineurs an idea of what I see when I have a migraine with aura. This is just one aspect of it. There are the infamous flashing lights as well. Which commence in one corner of an eye, in my case usually the left, and gradually spread across the eye. This leaves you with double, or triple vision. Not the sort of thing you welcome if you’re out and about in the car!

If you are unable to medicate at this stage…

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