Wordpress themes: help! – too many to choose from.


Photo credit: dotcom-monitor.com

Photo credit: dotcom-monitor.com

It’s so easy to change your theme on your WordPress blog, isn’t it? Just activate it and start to customise it.

Then, just when you’re well on the way to sorting out your widgets and other odd and sods,you see another theme that looks amazing.  You activate that and guess what? You prefer that theme. Customise that and decide it’s not quite what you wanted.

Go back to the theme drawing board and spend all morning activating and then changing themes on your blog. Hey… you’ve got nothing else better to do… right?

You haven’t quite achieved the look you want for your blog. What’s that?  You don’t know, but you’ll know when you see it… right?

In the meantime you’ve got all those other themes to play with, and you haven’t even got started on the premium ones yet.

I’m still making changes and I expect they could go on for a bit yet.

There’s just too much choice and too much fun!

Thanks for dropping by to my half-finished blog.

Dorne x

2 thoughts on “Wordpress themes: help! – too many to choose from.

  1. When I had changed my theme’s look, I had spent an entire evening playing around with different themes and just making a mess of my site! It was frustrating, but I did eventually find one that suited my taste. It just takes some experimenting, I guess. Good luck!


    • I’ve done this so many times before. I never learn and yes, it is fun to experiment. Who knows what will result from it.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting and I will check out your blog. Good to meet you. x

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