Windows 10… how was it for you?

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It seemed like a relatively simple idea. Just click the button and wait for it to download… and it’s free. Yes FREE!

That was a week ago, when I decided to download Windows 10 on my trusty laptop. It spent all of Saturday having a really long think about it and then crashed at 97 % installed. I may have said ‘damn it!’

Sunday night saw me having another go. I went to bed and voila… in the morning… Windows 10.

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What a shock to the system. It’s that horrible familiar, but unfamiliar feeling. It’s your laptop, but someone, or something has tampered with it.

I couldn’t find my photos, emails or pretty much anything else. However,  I did manage to locate the Solitaire Collection and quickly developed an addiction to the pyramid and tri peaks games. When my mind reminded me that I actually didn’t know a damn thing about this new version of Windows and I wanted to cry; I deluded myself that this game playing was actually acquainting myself better with the system. If I had received a commission in response to a pitch, I’d have been well and truly stuffed. What the hell was I playing at? Oh well, just another game, eh? Sob!

Earlier on today,I actually thought that I’d cracked the email fiasco. It’s not still working at it, which it has been doing ALL WEEK, but it hasn’t found anything as yet.

This is rather worrying, as I have subscribed to at least half a million other terrific blogs and get every single one of their updates, via email. My choice I know, and I wasn’t thinking. I haven’t got the heart, or the common sense to unsubscribe. What would people think? That their blog was rubbish? So every second I get emails pinging their way to me. We all know what that feels like… right. If we start to read them seconds turn to minutes, which turn to hours and days. Before we know it we’ve actually been reading blogs and catching up with social media for the best part of two weeks. Can’t do it – it’s impossible.

I’ve located my photographs, in a rather strange and obscure place. My Flickr is going mental updating every two seconds. I doubt that is anything to do with Windows 10. I suspect it is this rather batty blogger who has pressed a button that said press this if you want to be driven demented by me updating every single sad, little photograph you ever take again!

So, I’m finding my way around 10. A couple of days ago I was threatening to revert back to 8.1. I least I knew where my mess was on that particular system. But, where would the fun be in that? Change is good –  right? And it is definitely getting me out of my comfort zone. ( See the previous reblogged post.)

There is nothing remotely comfortable about this. It’s like a first day at a new job. You’re walking the walk and talking the talk, but the stress is making you silently cry in the toilet.

Oh well back to the Solitaire Collection. I’m doing rather well on my scores. Although, now the stupid thing is suggesting that I sign in and have my scores splashed all over the cloud. Ssh… I’m not supposed to be on here. I should be figuring out how to actually do something useful with this wonderful new version of Windows! Oh well, just a quick game.

So – how was Windows 10 for you?

  • Have you managed to find your email yet?
  • Did it download in one easy go?
  • Or several, expletive accompanied attempts?
  • What’s your score on the Solitaire?

If you’re still waiting for your invitation to download 10, you’re going to need a stiff drink and a swear box. Other than that, it’s amazing… I think.

I’ll let you know if and when I ever receive emails again. Thanks for reading.

Dorne x

12 thoughts on “Windows 10… how was it for you?

    • Yes, I know what you mean. My finger over the uninstall button for a moment yesterday.
      If my emails don’t work this week it might just be history by the weekend.
      But, I would need to come to terms with losing the Solitaire Collection… sob!

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  1. I installed it with no problem. Since I never use Microsoft Outlook to access my email I didn’t have any trouble with that. However, I’m not sure I like Windows 10. Google Chrome browser no longer works the same. Am having to learn the new whatever-it-is-called browser. The “Ask me anything” Cortana doesn’t work properly. My computer continually thinks I am located in a small town 60 miles from here. Oh well!

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    • I don’t mind the whatever – it -is -called browser and I have Cortana on my phone. Hours of fun can be had asking her to remind you that the zombies are coming and listening to her response if you ask her if she is human/stupid? Try it… if you’re bored/childlike?
      As for actual sensible requests and responses… no chance. I override her and type in my requests.
      I too am located 70 miles away from where I am.
      The jury is still out on Windows 10.

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  2. Thank goodness I’m an Apple iMac user. I’ve been reading lots about Windows 10 (mostly bad stuff), but I suppose like anything new, people need to give it a chance.

    I doubt it will be long before Apple launch their new version of Windows 10. Then I’ll need that stiff drink and swear box 🙂

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    • Windows 8 was totally alien to me at first. I had to learn about apps and it was just such a different set up. But, it grew on me.
      As for this…. well time will tell.
      I can access emails from elsewhere…. but it would be quite useful to have a system that actually receives and sends them.
      I’m giving it until Saturday and if it hasn’t fulfilled my ridiculous and impossible demands by then, it’ll be history.
      My daughter has a Mac and swears by it. My adventures have given her a giggle! 🙂

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      • I’ll be honest and say that I don’t use the email system on my iMac. I access my emails directly from the Yahoo site. I leant my lesson after losing all my emails a few years back when my Windows computer died and the hard drive had given up.

        Keep at it Dorne. I’m sure it will grow on you.


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