Your comfort zone has nothing to offer.

I’m blogging this great post, which encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and live a little.
Sadly, I was unable to attend the blog bash, but I’ve enjoyed reading about it. 😊

A Writer's Caravan

We all have a comfort zone, a safe place where we feel settled and at ease. For most bloggers, this place is precisely the virtual world. This blurred space where feelings and experiences are spilled out into the open, where every word we write is carefully (or not so much) crafted and where all it takes to go back in time is one ‘delete button’.

My comfort zone has pretty much always been writing. I can express myself better, I have the time to reflect on the point I am trying to make, I can afford to take a step back to consider a different point of view and explore it further.

comfort zone Original photo by Jmiller291 (adapted by Writer’s Caravan)

In social situations, I am by no means the quiet one, nor the loudest one. I don’t feel ill at ease and am good at spontaneous repartee. Over the last couple…

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