Do you thrive on chaos?

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Whether it’s painting with delicate watercolours on fine paper, using acrylics on board or using emulsions on walls, I love to paint. My virgin tins of paint are quickly transformed into similar messy pots of colour, as I become totally absorbed in my work.

The walls of our new wet room and kitchen were plastered yesterday and yours truly is now planning a trip to buy paint.

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But where to begin, with so many fabulous colours to choose from? Yes, you can match it up to tiles, floor and walls, accessories and crockery. You can even plan it so that the colour flows from one room to another. But, there are so many variations on the same colour. Beige has become oatmeal and taupe is a perfect taupe. That chestnut is now an intense chestnut and there’s an autumn and volcanic red.

I wonder who thinks these paint names up? I want that job. It’s very clever. We buy into that image and the emotions that the paint’s name conjures up. Right now I think my feature wall in my kitchen needs an intense chestnut to give it a wow. This could easily change when I’m confronted with row upon row of colours.

I must make a decision though. One wall needs to be painted before the new radiator is hung.

Then, I will have to decide on a colour for the wet room and organise storage for new fluffy towels.

Oh it’s hard work…LOL!

Then, before long the much awaited and planned for wet room will be completed. The anticipation, the excitement will be gone. Like a first date, first kiss, Christmas day it will be here and gone. Then what?

A new project, of course.

Life needs to be a series of projects, in my book anyway. Something to look forward to and aim for. I couldn’t imagine a life without something on the horizon.

I work best when I have loads of things on the go at once. It drives my poor hubby mad. Finish one thing off first he’ll plead with me, as I go off on another tangent. But, I can’t help it… that’s how I work and how I thrive. Some of my best work results from my mad frenetic periods. It’s as if ideas leap-frog themselves off other ongoing ideas.

How about you?

  • Do you need projects?
  • Do you, like me,  juggle several at once?
  • Or do you deal with one at a time?

I will, of course, keep you posted on the progress of the wet room and kitchen.

And, for those of you who have followed this blog for a while now, you may recall that I threatened to post pictures of my bedroom, which was last year’s project. This never happened and that is because it is not to my liking. I have other ideas for it and when I have finally got it how I want it, I will carry out the threat. I view it as a piece of art and I love to share.

I also love to nosey around other people’s houses, so go on, don’t be shy. Let’s see some of your homes and projects.

Thanks for reading.

Dorne x






One thought on “Do you thrive on chaos?

  1. I’m with Mr W on this Dorne. One job at a time. Finish it and then move on. And Chaos? No, no, no. I need everything to be in place and well organised otherwise I become Mr Grumpy. Don’t mind having the builders in as I enjoy making them tea and watching them eat me out of house and home in the biscuit and cake department 🙂


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