I want to break free!

How about this for making raising a smile? This song and video always does it for me.

I’m plodding along and feeling a bit happier. The spirit of our lovely greyhound is being felt very strongly by yours truly. Yes…I’m one of those spiritual weirdoes…folks! I think she’s hanging around for a laugh…see below.

Our youngest daughter and the Duracell Bunny grandson came out to see us yesterday, which helped. I lost my rag with the damn contractors…again, which helped me enormously, but not them…so much.

Photo credit: tonistaworld.blogspot.com

Photo credit: tonistaworld.blogspot.com

A two-week job has now run into a five-week extravaganza.( Yes, I know there are some of you brave folks out there renovating entire houses. A wet room is my absolute limit) Add to that one of the sub contractors, who could sorely use a lesson in customer service and MANNERS! in general, has taken our door key and not returned it.

Mind you it was terribly complicated what he had to do.

  • Lay the flooring, in our absence ( because he wanted to do it in his own time, when we were on holiday)  lock up and post the key through the letter box.
Photo credit: rebloggy.com

Photo credit: rebloggy.com


It clearly proved too much for him as he failed to do it. When I rang him and asked where our key was, he gave a feeble excuse about the fairies taking it, or some rubbish like that and said he would TRY to return it, before he skipped off on his hols. He didn’t…quelle surprise!


The lock has been changed, as I have no idea where this rather helpful,extremely polite, accommodating chappy has dumped our key. Why should he? Job done and sod the customer appears to be his motto. I do hope he is charged for the lock change. Then maybe next time he is asked to return the customer’s key he might just comply?

Add to this a series of other problems…broken panels, panels that don’t line up and incorrect connectors and joining up thingies…I’m a girly and I don’t understand all of this; this show has just run and run.

Actually, I was ten years working in property maintenance, so I understand more than the boys damn well give me credit for. I spent a lot of time sourcing the materials for this job and gave all of the internet links and information to the girl who was working in the office at the time. She has since left the firm and the country, actually,  and her replacement is no doubt loving her new job, being thrown in the deep end. Been there and done that…haven’t we all?

In short, this job has not run smoothly at all. But, our wet room is looking good. I have to just keep patting them on the back for work well done, and growl and explode at them when they make a cock-up.  Then they scuttle away, like sulky teenagers, regroup, return and make a better job of it. In fact they make a brilliant job of it. Just like sulky teenagers!

I feel sure that when it is completed it will look good and will be of a high standard.

By then, we will have had five, frantic overnight van deliveries from Edinburgh. Panels on the walls, off the walls, shower valves on the walls and off the walls, doors that open and then stick and door frames on back to front. The snagging jobs will have been the responsibility of the electrician, the plumber, the joiner, the dentist, the doctor, that little old lady stood at the bus stop and that spider in the corner of the kitchen… in other words, anyone but the contractor on hand.

We’ve been to the funeral of a good friend, been on a week’s holiday and lost our lovely dog, to a tumour. So much has happened and yet it still goes on and on and on!

Ah, it’s just like being back at work again. Only I get to do it all in my own wet room. Oh joy!

Watch this space for the end results…sometime before Christmas !

So, I’m with Freddie on this one…I WANT TO BREAK FREE! I might add…of contractors!


Happy Tuesday  and thanks for visiting.

Dorne x

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